All Things Girly at Kiss Naturals – DIY Makeup and Soaps

 DIY Makeup and Soap Kits From Kiss Natural

Living in a DIY world, even the little girls are excited when they have a chance to make they very own makeup. The cost and aggravation of purchasing all of the supplies individually can defer parents from wanting to encourage DIY projects for themselves, let alone their children. Kiss Natural offers DIY makeup and soap kits with everything you need, packed all in one convenient package. 

DIY Makeup

With Christmas right around the corner, parents are beginning to look for gift ideas. If crafts and glamour are your girl’s thing… you will want to check out Kiss Natural DIY Kits. 

Kiss Natural is a parent-run company who had a parent’s mindset when producing the Kiss Natural Kits. All materials included are non-toxic and are safe for your children. None of the Kiss Natural products have been used on animals for any testing.

Inside each kit, there is a step by step picture and text instruction sheet making it easy for even children to know what they need to do.

Bath Fizzie Making Kit

The Bath Fizzie Making Kit isn’t just fun with the “making” but also fun for the bathtime that follows. After making the bath fizzies, the fizzies will be ready to throw in the bath water in just two hours. Add a little extra love to bathtime with these adorable heart shaped bath fizzies.

DIY Makeup

Lip Balm Making Kit

The Lip Balm Making Kit is a little bit more advanced but still loads of fun. I only say it is more advanced because you use a microwave with this kit. It isn’t hard but depending on the age of your child, you may need to help them with the microwave part. Not only will your daughter make her very own lip balm but she will learn about the process that goes into making lip balm too. 

DIY Makeup

Made from:

  • Beeswax
  • Shea Butter
  • Safflower Oil

This kit will make three jars and three twist up tubes. They make perfect gifts for your daughter to make for all her friends. What little girl doesn’t love lip balm?

Glycerine Soap Making Kit

Here is a good one for those who have a little bit of a younger child interested in DIY projects. They get to make their own soap. Ages four and up can make these soaps to use for themselves or give away as a special gift made with love. 

DIY Makeup

Lava Lip Gloss Making Kit

My daughter is a little diva, this was her favorite! She has an addiction to lip gloss. As soon as she saw the Lava Lip Gloss Making Kit, she was eager to make it. She did have a little bit of a hard time squeezing the little bottles but she did great pouring the right amount of oils into the container and then transferring it to the lip gloss containers.

DIY Makeup

She was and is still ecstatic about the lip gloss she MADE! 

DIY Makeup

The color does not stay well mixed, it tends to settle because it is a “Lava” lip gloss. To be honest, that is one of her favorite things about it. She gets to shake it up each time she wants to use it on her lips, yet, she can play with it as if it is a lava lamp type of effect the rest of the time.

DIY Makeup

Kiss Naturals DIY Makeup and Soap Kits make GREAT gifts for any little girl. Add it to their stocking or under the tree!

DIY Makeup

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