How to Help Your Grandchildren Get into College

How to Help Your Grandchildren Get into College


College is one of the greatest opportunities your grandchild will have. It’s the step that will later take them where they want to go in life, something that will influence everything from their careers to their family. It’s also one of the most stressful things that young people have to go through, but there’s a lot that grandparents can do to help. You can go on this journey and lend them the wisdom of your experience and the love and comfort they will surely need, you can help them push through the doubt and insecurity and pick the right path for them. If you want a few tips on how to do that, read on. Continue reading

Bedtime Story Routine Just Became Extra Special

 Bedtime Story Fun

Reading each night is a routine in a lot of families with children. My kids all read before they go to sleep. Typically, they fall asleep with a book as their pillow (not on purpose). You can probably picture that considering most moms that I talk to, tell me about the same situation at their house! What about a blanket book?! I wish I had thought of it! Thankfully, Story 2 Sleep DID think of it and solved the problems of moms all over! A blanket book combo!

bedtime story

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Make Your Bathroom Safe for Your Kids

Make Your Bathroom Safe for Your Kids

Written by Guest Writer Diana Smith

A bathroom is a place of relaxation, but it’s hard to relax when there are so many hazards for your child. Razors, cleaning chemicals, meds, hot irons and drowning hazards represent a serious danger to your child’s health and safety. However, with only a few modifications and clever tips, you can relax knowing your kid is safe in your bathroom.

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Today My Life Changed Forever

When My Life Changed Forever

There are many things that affect your life for the good or the bad but some days make an unforgettable change. The kind of change that you will look back on every single year and say “WOW, what a great day that was” or “What a terrible day that was!” We have had three different occasions that I can specifically look back on and say “WOW!”. Three years ago today was one of those moments. At the time, I did not realize how incredibly significant this day would be.

As I sit in a hospital room typing this, I am unable to access facebook for some reason. I planned on added many more photos but will have to update another time. 

life changed forever

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Adoption Home Study Truth Versus Myths

Adoption Home Study Truths

Fears become real when the words “home study” are mentioned. Probably the top two questions that we are asked by those who are looking to adopt that know we have adopted are, “What is the home study like?” and ” What if we don’t pass?”. I am going to go over our experience. I will give you an insight to our home studies with three different home studies (actually four for three children… I will explain more on that later), two different agencies, and three different social workers.

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