Creative Magnetic Play With MagnaFlex

MagnaFlex – Power of Magnets Creates Fun For Kids

Magnets have always been an entertainment for my kids. Whether it be the magnets on the refrigerator or just plain magnetic pieces, my boys have always loved to find ways to make the magnets stick to other objects or repel objects. MagnaFlex is a safe yet exciting alternative for children!

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Creating a Mosaic Art With 8-Bit Art Kits

8-Bit Art Kits Allows Children to Put Their Art Right On Their Walls

When my kids were little, 2 of the three of them loved to try being rather artistic a few times on their walls. A couple times, I had proud children standing beside their crayon masterpiece on the wall when I walked in their room. Other times, a sticker collection displayed on their walls and furniture. 8-Bit Art Kids allow children to get creative RIGHT on their wall WITHOUT getting in trouble!

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Super Cozy Janiebee Nap Mats Makes Traveling Easy #review

Janiebee Nap Mats – MACHINE WASHABLE!

Taking trips when your child is little can be a load of fun but also a little bit of an aggravation. For us, we LOVE to travel. I mean LOVE traveling. As our family has grown, we have had to adjust some but still love it. One of the hardest things we deal with during traveling is sleeping arrangements. Having 5 in the family makes it where we don’t want to pay for two hotel rooms but yet we don’t want to squeeze 3 into one bed. Janiebee has the PERFECT solution.

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Understanding Pediatric Speech and Occupational Therapy

Understanding Pediatric Speech and Occupational Therapy

Therapy seeks to enhance the lives of people and professionals focus on offering their services so people can attain their potentials. As more people are becoming aware of and understanding autism and developmental disabilities. For this reason therapies have found their way into early childhood development programs.

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Music Education: Does Music Education Help Students Academically?

Music Education: Does Music Education Help Students Academically?

Music has a lot of benefits that do not only focus on the emotional aspect. There are different ways how it can help people in their daily lives. It has been said that people who listen to music can concentrate better on the task that they are doing. This is something that can also be true about students. In terms of focus and attention, music education can be a good way to enhance their brains and their ability to accomplish tasks. 

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