Teaching Your Child Responsibility with a Family Dog

Teaching Your Child Responsibility with a Family Dog

We all know that dogs are our best friends. And they hold that title for obvious reasons. They bring so much joy and love to the family and they become a regular sight in the family photo book. We’d go so far and say that it’s well-deserved. However, did you know that dogs have the ability to help you raise your child? Yes, your pooch can teach your kid a thing or two about responsibility, self-esteem and healthy living habits. You’re wondering how? Let us walk you through the whole process.

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Why Quality Hair Care Products for Children?

 Be Proactive with Quality Hair Care Products for Children

Women in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s tend to begin to realize how important hair care really is. Not that it isn’t a thought before then but during pregnancy and other hormonal changes, most women begin to focus in on hair and skin care. Unfortunately, most of us are working on finding ways to REVERSE damage that has already been done to our hair from improper use. How important is it to care for your daughter’s hair the same way you care for your own?

hair care products for children

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What You Need to Know About Children Having Braces

Things You Need to Know about Children Having Braces

As parents, all we want is for our children to be healthy and happy, which includes their oral health. Taking your child for regular checkups at the dentist’s from the earliest of age is important, but what signs tell us that our child needs braces? And when do we start paying attention? Here is some advice on the topic.

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How to Help Your Grandchildren Get into College

How to Help Your Grandchildren Get into College


College is one of the greatest opportunities your grandchild will have. It’s the step that will later take them where they want to go in life, something that will influence everything from their careers to their family. It’s also one of the most stressful things that young people have to go through, but there’s a lot that grandparents can do to help. You can go on this journey and lend them the wisdom of your experience and the love and comfort they will surely need, you can help them push through the doubt and insecurity and pick the right path for them. If you want a few tips on how to do that, read on. Continue reading

Bedtime Story Routine Just Became Extra Special

 Bedtime Story Fun

Reading each night is a routine in a lot of families with children. My kids all read before they go to sleep. Typically, they fall asleep with a book as their pillow (not on purpose). You can probably picture that considering most moms that I talk to, tell me about the same situation at their house! What about a blanket book?! I wish I had thought of it! Thankfully, Story 2 Sleep DID think of it and solved the problems of moms all over! A blanket book combo!

bedtime story

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