My Twins Are Cuter When Wearing Matching Outfits

My Twins are Cuter in Matching Outfits 

Is there anything more adorable than matching outfits on twins? When I found out I was expecting Boy and Girl Twins I always said I would never dress them the same… they are their own person, they are different genders, It’s so cliche… BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Well, that lasted only as long as they were in my womb! Once they were born, BAM!.. matching outfits every day! I was always looking in the store, online, anywhere I could think to find matching outfits, I would literally google “Outfits for Boy and Girl Twins”. So needless to say, I’m always happy to hear about places, like My Twins are Cuter, who sell matching twin clothes!

Matching Outfits

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Family Fears – Story of Adoption

Family Fears are Normal When Adopting

Educating your family is the most important piece when you are adopting. Keeping an open conversation with thoughts, concerns, and questions are needed. Adoption should never be a “taboo” subject considering it isn’t something to be ashamed of. We had and still have the policy with our family and even friends that they can ask any and all questions to help educate themselves better about adoption. Educating equals less fears. Here is a word from both my mom and my husband’s mom pertaining to adoption.

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Misconceptions of Birth Parents – National Adoption Month

The Truth About Birth Parents

Birth parents, are they a hero or are they a selfish human being? I know every situation is different but after meeting my children’s birth parents and hearing so many other stories of other’s birth parents, I have my own very personal views. 

Please know that I am talking about birth parents who have made the decision on their own. I am NOT talking about those who have unwillingly had children taken from them, as in almost all cases regarding children in the care of social services. 

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Unexpected Blessing From Above – Adoption Story

Unexpected Blessing From Above – Adoption Story

Guest Post from another adoptive mother who wishes to remain anonymous.

I will never forget the day. I was going about my daily routine busy as usual at my job. I was covered up in mounds of paperwork and had made up my mind I was not going to the floor of the local hospital where I worked to make rounds on this particular day I was going to get caught up on this paperwork.

Unexpected blessing

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Adoption vs Abortion – Selfless vs Selfish

Adoption vs Abortion

Yes, this will be controversial but I believe it’s truth. As an adoptive dad, this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. I understand that there are many viewpoints but regardless of views or circumstances, truth remains truth. I hope that as you read this you would look at it with an open mind and hear it with a voice of compassion and consideration and not condemnation or judgment as we look at the “heart” of the difference between adoption and abortion.

Adoption vs Abortion

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