Value of Children Engaging in Independent Free Play

Why is Independent Free Play So Important?

Structure is extremely important, as is spending time with your children but unstructured free play has many benefits of it’s own. Allowing children to increase their imagination through independent free play or even playing with other children without the instructions of an adult has seven wonderful benefits. 

Independent Free Play

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Bookroo Children’s Book Subscription

 Bookroo Children’s Book Subscription Lights Up a Child’s Eyes and Mind

What child (or adult for that matter) doesn’t love Christmas? I always enjoy the excitement of my little girl, now four as she runs in and sees her gifts. Then as she begins to unwrap each one, the excitement only builds! What if you could give that type of excitement EVERY month throughout the year?

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Sound Sleep = Happy Moms, Happy Kids

Tips for Children Receiving a Sound Sleep Each Night

There are a couple common complaints that I hear out of the mouths of mothers all around. The first common complaint is of being too tired from the lack of sleep they get each night (most of the time due to their children not sleeping sound through the night). Another complaint is unhappy, irritable, disobedient children throughout the day which wears us moms out! There are often many contributing factors but I believe the greatest of the vicious circle of unhappy, tired moms and unhappy, irritable children is from the child’s lack of sleep.

Children Sleep Better

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10 Benefits to Adding Black Peppercorn to Your Diet

 Health Benefits of Black Peppercorn

Most all recipes call for black pepper for seasoning purposes but did you realize that black peppercorn has health benefits as well?! Using a quality pepper mill such as the Bistro Chef Pepper Mill to grind black peppercorn into your favorite recipes adds a value that you need to not miss out on! Continue reading to find out 10 health benefits of adding black pepper to your diet. 

black peppercorn whole

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Detect Cold Drafts, Identify Problem With BlindSpotz

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Review Wire Media for BlindSpotz.


 Detect Colds Drafts, Let BlindSpotz Give You a Solution

Energy bills in the winter months can cause anxiety for many. Improper insulation, old windows, damaged weather stripping, cracks, or attic access’ leaking cool air all create drafts within your home. Paying a professional to come identify the problem, PLUS fix it can be rather costly and slow. The typical energy efficiency audit costs between $300 and $500. Waiting for the contractor’s schedule to allow them to come inspect and fix the problems, may leave you looking at a couple added weeks with high energy use. BlindSpotz is an inexpensive and easy DIY solution to help you detect cold drafts and find out what needs to be fixed! Detect cold drafts Continue reading