Solution for Dry Chapped Lips – EVEN For MEN!

 Chapped Lips – No Longer

Balmshot is a My Four and More Valentine Gift Idea

I recently gave you all tips on dry skin. What about dry, chapped lips? For some, chapped lips are only a problem in the winter, while for others, struggling with chapped lips is a year-round battle. Women tend to deal with the chapped lips due to lipsticks that create a drying effect. Men battle with chapped lips simply because lip balm is a “girly thing”. Here is how you can get your man to start hydrating his lips without sacrificing his self-esteem.

chapped lips

My 15-year-old’s lips were so dry that they were cracking. It didn’t just look bad but it hurt. He wanted a solution but yet was too much of a man to want to carry around lip balm. Other lip balms are so girly looking and seem to be so full of additives that in turn, makes your lips more chapped. Balmshot was a total game changer. 

chapped lips

I was thinking that it would help but to be very honest, I figured it would be a low-quality balm stored inside a really neat container. Typically, when products are inside neat casings, they tend to not be as great of quality. They sell simply because they are “cool looking”. I am HIGHLY impressed with Balmshot. A great lip balm inside a really unique casing!!

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chapped lips

Not only is Balmshot a really neat, and manly way of having lip balm on hand but it also provides SERIOUS hydration and lip protection! 

chapped lips

  • Made in the USA
  • Free Shipping*
  • Proceeds from “Pink” products are donated to the Mountain States Tumor Institute to provide Mammograms and Breast Cancer Screenings.
  • Smooth, firm turning metal base and tight fitting cap. (no gooey mess in your pockets)
  • Authentic 20 gauge shotgun shell dispenser.
  • Made with SPF 15, natural oils, beeswax, US FDA approved.

chapped lips

Balmshot is, of course, not only for men. I must say, I planned to just give my husband and boys the lip balm but after trying it out for myself, I also carry a Balmshot in my purse and have one beside my bed. It works far better than any other lip balm I have tried. I can apply it to my lips before bed and wake up with my lips feeling like I JUST applied it! Applying it along with my lipstick helps hydrate, add shine, and keeps my lips smooth all day long. 

chapped lips

Balmshot makes a really great gift for Valentine’s Day… for men or women!

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27 thoughts on “Solution for Dry Chapped Lips – EVEN For MEN!

  1. I have been wanting these products for awhile and I think as a gun owner and suffering from winter.. dry .. lips my fiance’ would love these too!

  2. These are really nice, and as soon as I saw this post, I had to get my lip balm and put some on. I’m addicted. I’d love to try this brand, it sounds so nice for guys and gals.

  3. I love that BalmShot is not full of additives. This is a big plus for me, like you mentioned, it tends to dry out the lips. This is an excellent way to make sure the men in our lives have their lips protected without making them feel less of a man. Great idea!

  4. I have been seeing Balm Shot for a while now but haven’t tried it yet simply because I was like you and wondered about the quality of the product. I am glad to know that my concern is solved. I will be purchasing some soon. Thanks for a good review.

  5. I’ve been looking for a quality lip balm with SPF, as my lips are so chapped from winter. These look great!

  6. This sounds like just right lip balm we need. My husband works outside all year long and I just have really really dry lips. We would love trying it….

  7. These are really different. My hubby and I suffer from dry chapped lips and I know he would love this design.

  8. I have had chapped lips for months so I would like to try this product. Nothing I have used really helps!

  9. This lip balm is awesome, I love cool container but I especially love that it is such a good product! My son is the same way (even though he is only 5) and says that it is for girls. I definitely think him and his dad would be willing to wear this kind. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  10. Interesting packing…seems gimicky to me. Makes me wonder if the product itself is good enough on its own.

  11. My lips are totally chapped right now from the cold dry air, and so are my husband’s. I would love to give these to him as a little Valentine’s Day treat. It would make our lips more kissable. 😉

  12. Ah I’ve been looking for the best chapstick! I swear I buy a different one every time because I can never find one that works well enough! My lips are constantly peeling and i need chap stick to keep them moisturized! I love the benefits Balmshot has and it’s made in USA!!!

  13. never though about men when looking at the balms in the store. i am very impressed with this product

  14. This sounds like a great product that I could really use. I love the packaging as well.

  15. What I really like about the package of this product is that guys will like them. This product sounds so good and rich feeling

  16. I really love the look and everything you have on your site. So glad I click on it and looked at it! Thanks for sharing.❤☺

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