9 Simple Tips on Furnace Maintenance for New Homeowner

9 Simple Tips on Furnace Maintenance for New Homeowner


Are you a new homeowner looking for some easy tips to manage the house you just moved in?

Maintaining your HVAC equipment such as a furnace comes as a challenge to new homeowners. However, with some easy tips, you can make this task pretty easy. After all, anything that is well-maintained lasts longer and works efficiently. Jotted below are a few easy tips and tricks to keep this tedious process easy for you.  Continue reading

20 Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

20 DIY Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Giving a child a chance to show dad love and appreciation on Father’s Day will help grow the bond between father and child. Sure, you can buy something from the store or even let your child pick out a special gift but we all know that a small handmade gift is something your child will take true pride in. So, this year, instead of ONLY buying a gift, let your child add to Dad’s gift by making something extra special. Here are some DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

DIY Gift Ideas

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How to DIY Beautiful Photo Frame: 5 Easy Ways

How to DIY Beautiful Photo Frame: 5 Easy Ways

Photo frames are parts of every home. You can even see them as part of the décor in coffee shops or hair salons. They make everything personal, warm and welcoming, building an instant trust between you and space.

photo frame

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How To Start Planning For A Passionate Landscape Gardening

Landscape Gardening

Many people have open space for landscaping, and many among them have a zeal for growing some greenery or making a garden there. But when you have passion for landscaping exotically with creative ideas, and have a nice understanding of symmetry, colors, aesthetics, functionality and the right way of gardening also, you become a passionate gardener with landscaping skills, and this pushes you ahead of others in cultivating the space in the most deserving way.

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All Things Girly at Kiss Naturals – DIY Makeup and Soaps

 DIY Makeup and Soap Kits From Kiss Natural

Living in a DIY world, even the little girls are excited when they have a chance to make they very own makeup. The cost and aggravation of purchasing all of the supplies individually can defer parents from wanting to encourage DIY projects for themselves, let alone their children. Kiss Natural offers DIY makeup and soap kits with everything you need, packed all in one convenient package. 

DIY Makeup

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