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Epic Battles
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As a boy growing up in the 80s, there were few things that would make my heart happy like getting a new action figure. Being an only child, these figures became part of my life. There were many afternoons of waging epic battles between all the good guys and the bad guys for hours of endless entertainment.

When I was blessed to become the dad of two boys, to be honest, the little boy inside me was excited to watch them grow up and to see them wage their own epic battles! The only problem in that the generational gap came with a whole lot of personal technology. The action figures, cars, and trucks of my childhood quickly gave way to the tablets, MP3 players, and gaming stations of today!

Then we met Lightseekers!

Lightseekers smart action figures deliver real-time two-way interaction between your hero and the game. They talk, vibrate, and use different colored lights to show status and to help guide gameplay. Lightseekers also offers next level interchangeable accessories. Equipping a weapon or accessory onto an action figure will have an immediate effect in the game and vice versa, opening up new abilities and adventures.

Lightseekers is the perfect match of old school action figure blended with today’s technology. With our Lightseeker package came a really cool action figure equipped with a weapon and several cards that unlock different rewards, attacks, and special features. The figure in itself would excite any little guy who would love to start his epic battle. However, that is just the beginning!

Using Bluetooth technology, the figure easily connects to the Lightseekers app, which is available through both the Apple store and Google Play. Once it is connected you are ready for an online gaming experience using your action figure! That’s right, rather than using a mobile device or a joystick of some sort, you actually use the action figure to control the gaming action!

The Lightseekers app provides several different games for different playing experiences. It also allows for multiple players so that your child can play against not just the computer but also his friends as well.

Flight packs can be added to any hero, allowing players to magically control their in-game character by moving the toy. That’s right, your figure can actually act as the controller! Your heroes evolving in-game attributes, accomplishments, and lineage are store so that your hero is truly one-of-a-kind.

Whether for a birthday, Christmas, or just because, Lightseekers are the perfect gift for your child or your husband who may be a kid at heart. They will provide your child the ability to use the latest technology, participate in a video game experience, and hold on to a little piece of that old-school action figure nostalgia too!

You can purchase your Lightseekers Awakening Figures at Toys R Us, Best Buy, and Amazon.

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