Buildable Toy Cars Made by Modarri

Modarri – Buildable Toy Cars

Steering Kids Into Hours of Imaginative Play with Countless Combinations

As a kid, I always enjoyed playing with cars and trucks. Since my dad was a mechanic, it was natural for me to want to get under the hood to build and fix “my cars” just like dad. The problem was that either I broke my cars taking those apart that were not meant to be OR losing parts and screws to those that COULD be torn down.

Buildable toy cars

Modarri has reinvented the wheels… literally! These cars are extremely stylish and feature an authentic automotive paint process that makes these toy cars shine just like their real counterparts at the local dealership! Modarri by Thoughtfull Toys, also uses real metal frames and heavy-duty plastic to make these cars last for the toughest of races! If a part breaks, no worries. Contact Modarri and they will replace it free of charge.

Buildable toy cars

Favorite Features of the Modarri Buildable Toy Cars

There were two features that really caught my attention. The first was the ease of switching from body to body or accessory to accessory. Modarri designers were thinking ahead when they put self-contained screws in the components. What does this mean for you? NO MORE LOST SCREWS! The screws are easily tightened down with the included hex tool.

Buildable toy cars

My second favorite feature is the combinations you can use. A quick browse through Modarri’s website will show the many cars available. The great thing is they are interchangeable! Mix and match components will allow your child to truly customize their vehicle time and time again.

Buildable toy cars

After literally just a few moments, our car was ready for its first finger drive! That’s right, with its steering and suspension mechanics, your child will be able to not only push but also steer the car wherever their imagination can take them!

Buildable toy cars

Modarri cars were recognized as a STEM (science, technology, engineering’ & math) toy. It invites your child to be the designer of their own personal car which engages their creativity. Modarri then invited them to be their own mechanic and engineer as they quickly and easily assemble their latest creation.

Buildable toy cars

Finally, Modarri affords your child the opportunity to not only play with their new custom car but literally become the driver. This will ensure hours of imagination filled open-ended play.

Buildable toy cars

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  1. we love these cars,,two of my grandsons have some,,they are very well made and easy to build

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