Building Toys and Game by Brik

Creativity and Compatability – Building Toys and Game

Some children are naturally creative while others need a little more encouragement in the creativity area. Creativity can come through practice but how do you get them to practice creativity if they don’t have much of a desire? Find toys like Brik to gain their interest which in turn provides creative play.

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Are You a Superhero Mom Like Elastigirl on Incredibles 2 Movie?

Incredibles 2 Movie Elastigirl is a Superhero Mom

Do you ever wish that as a mom you could be a superhero? When I think of superheroes, I automatically think of cartoon characters. Often, as a woman, my mind automatically goes to Batgirl and Super Girl. However, I can relate a whole lot more to Elastigirl from both Incredibles and the new Incredibles 2 Movie that will be released on June 15th! She isn’t just a superhero, she is a MOM superhero! To me, that is the ultimate superhero!

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Space Saving Toys Offer Versatility

Space Saving Toys Allows a Child to Have More Toys Despite Small Spaces

“Small Spaces” and “Children” don’t typically go hand in hand. A child loves to have plenty of room for a ton of toys but that isn’t always available. Playing with the same toys over and over again can get boring so what do you do when you have a small amount of space for your child? Have you heard of Pop-oh-ver? Let me tell you all about these space saving toys!

Space Saving Toys

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Screenless Tech Fun Botley the Coding Robot

Botley the Coding Robot by Learning Resources

Without a doubt, technology is here to stay. Preparing our kids to be ready for a tech-savvy world is important. Yet there have been many studies on the effects of to much screen time on children. Learning Resources has the perfect solution! Meet Botley the Coding Robot.

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Building Love Between Parent and Child

 Building Love That Lasts

I am sure that most of you have heard of the five love languages that adults and children alike have. Getting to know your child’s love language is a big step in building a loving, strong relationship between you and them! This Valentine’s Day, think a little outside the box. Figure out your child’s love language and truly show them your love for them in a way they can feel!

Building Love

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