All-In-One System to Ensure Proper Hydration

Hydration Made Easy With Multi Flask

If there is one thing we all in common it is a need to stay hydrated. From weight management to food digestion, joint health, to blood pressure, stomach health to internal organ function, all have proper hydration as a common link. Not getting enough liquid on a daily basis is a really big deal when it comes to our health.


While natural water is certainly the best hydration tool, the reality is many folks just don’t like drinking plain water. As a result, we often find ourselves drinking a sugar-filled drink or spending a small fortune to keep our favorite coffee flowing on the go.


Multi Flask has the perfect solution! With one bottle comes the perfect solution for 6 completely different types of drinks. Multi Flask ensures that regardless of your preferred drink, you will have exactly what you need!



Need a morning coffee? Save your money for your next vacation and use your BPA/BPS and Phthalate free Tritan outer shell along with the silicone base and glass inner to keep your morning brew hot without having to worry about an untimely spill!



Looking for a way to make your perfect teas? Multi Flask has you covered. Whether black, green or herbal, has just the right components to ensure you get the freshest of teas while keeping your leaves in place and out of your delicious tea as you drink.


Protein Shakes

Ready to hit the gym? Multi Flask is just as chiseled for the gym as it is for the kitchen. One of the things I hate about power drinks or protein shakes is the clumps. If you have ever mixed one of these powdered drinks you know exactly what I am talking about. With its quality made agitator, say goodbye to those clumps or powder and get ready for a smooth workout treat.


Plain Water

Of course, the Multi Flask is perfect for good ole H20 as well. With its 23 oz capacity and wide opening, dropping some ice into your water has never been easier. The Tritan shell will help keep it nice and cold for hours.


Infused Fruit and Veggie Water

For those that want a little more in their water, just insert the infuser and BOOM, you have a healthy naturally flavored water. Whether a delicious berry of your choice, watermelon, or your favorite fruit, the infuser provides a way to add a little extra punch to your nice cold bottle of water.


All these features are included in the double-walled Tritan! While inside it is so versatile, it does so without condensation on the outside leaving your gym bag, desk or coffee table dry and free of any messes!


Multi Flask will help you in your need for hydration and will help you stop sweating about the perfect beverage for your daily routine!

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  1. I love this bottle. I have to put on my Birthday/Christmas list, I need one badly. Thanks for sharing, this one is really nice.

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