Game Time as a Family Brings Unity

Family Game Time is Needed Now Days

According to an article in the Washington Post, kids ages 8-12 are spending nearly six hours per day on media such as online video, music, and social media. For those 13-18, that number goes to nearly NINE hours or more than one-third of their day. As a result, often times, family communication, especially between parents and their children, is almost non-existent.

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Non-Theme Park Entertainment in Orlando? Orlando Magic Game is a Must

Orlando Magic Game Created a Perfect Ending to Our Florida Vacation!

What comes to mind when Orlando is mentioned? No doubt thousands upon thousands flock there each year looking for the newest thrill ride or to meet their favorite movie or cartoon character.

Orlando Magic Game

After a long day of walking, standing in lines and fighting the crowds at the different theme parks in Orlando, it is nice to find something the family can enjoy in a more relaxed (and seated) atmosphere. The Orlando Magic provided the perfect opportunity for a great ending to our vacation in Orlando! Continue reading

Now a Dodgeball Game Without Pain Around the Kitchen Table!

 Dodgeball Game at the Kitchen Table?!

How many of you remember playing a good ole’ game of dodgeball in PE class? Personally, I always dreaded the game because regardless of how fun it was, the fun was quickly over when one of the boys decided they were going to get YOU out! Those boys sure could leave a red mark (some of the girls too). Now, you can bring the great game to your kitchen table without the sting!

dodgeball game

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Family Game Night With Winning Moves Games

Family Game Night Brings Family Bonding 

In today’s culture, it is always amazing how we pride ourselves on being so connected yet find our most personal relationships can become so disconnected. With more and more of our culture being tech-driven it so easy for parents and kids alike to be in the same room yet be miles apart. We easily get sucked into our favorite game on our tablet, latest song on our mp3, texting a friend, or even the “can’t miss” movie or ballgame on tv. As a result, though we may be in the same location, we often lose touch in communication with those we love most.

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Individual Games to Challenge Your Mind – ThinkFun Games

Individual Games to Challenge Your Mind

Have you ever had “one of those days”? A day where the house feels like total chaos and you just need some time to re-group. Tonight was “one of those nights” at our house. Finding something for all the kids to do quietly and independently was a must to keep my sanity. ThinkFun Games will give your children something to do independently while engaging their minds.

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