Family Game Time is Needed Now Days

According to an article in the Washington Post, kids ages 8-12 are spending nearly six hours per day on media such as online video, music, and social media. For those 13-18, that number goes to nearly NINE hours or more than one-third of their day. As a result, often times, family communication, especially between parents and their children, is almost non-existent.

game time

For generations in America, the dinner table was a meeting place for families to unwind and to talk about what was going on. For my family, the table was not only for meals but also for game nights were always a time of fun laughter and most importantly communication.

game time

Winning moves games has everything you need to bring the family game night to your home! With a great selection and mix of familiar classics and brand new games, there is something for everyone and every age group as well.

game time

Some of our favorites include:

Classic Rummy Tiles

This game is great for two to four players. Four plastic stadium tile racks along with bold multicolored tiles ensure players will have a clear view of all their Rummy Tiles. This game requires a little bit of luck and plenty of skill. Guaranteed to entertain players of all ages eight and up!

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Monopoly Advance to Boardwalk

This is the original spin-off of the classic game of Monopoly. Players compete to build high rise hotels along the boardwalk. As the saying goes, easy come easy go. Just as quickly as a player advances their small fortune can disappear. The player with the most valuable property portfolio wins!

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Rubiks Tower

For those days when you are alone and looking for something to do, Rubik‚Äôs Tower is the perfect solution! Imagine two classic Rubik’s cubes together on one axis. This gives classic cube a whole new twist figuratively and literally!

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Pass the Pigs

With its small carry case, this is a great game for travel! Players roll pigs instead of traditional dice. Depending on how the pigs land, determines how many points the payer gets. The first player to 100 points wins!

game time

A Few Additional Family Favs

Tile Lock Scrabble

This classic game has always been a family favorite. Not only is it a new challenge with each game but also encourages vocabulary growth and can help with memory improvement. One of the greatest things with this version is there are no bumps of the board that shuffle the tiles. With the tile lock feature, they stay in place far better than previous versions!

game time

Scattergories Categories

This is a fun game anyone 12 and up will love! Included with the game are 125 cards with various categories. Using the category word as an acronym, players have two minutes to think of something in that category that starts with each letter. At the end of two minutes, answers are compared and each unique answer gives the player one point each!

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Classic Aggravation

In this classic board game, players race to get all four of their marbles around the board and safely into their own home zone. With other players trying to do the same, be prepared to disrupt or be disrupted by another player. Shortcuts abond, but beware, it may take you longer to use it than going around the board. Strategy abounds in this retro board game.

game time

Yahtzee Classic

There is no fonder memory than hearing YAHTZEE! shouted at the top of someones lungs! In fact, every time I go to visit my grandmother this is a must play with her! Nothing makes her more happy than when all five dice match up to give her the coveted Yahtzee! With Yahtzee Classic it looks just like the original with five dice, score pads and of course the aluminum rimmed cup that helps make that all familiar sound as the dice hit the bottom of the cup!

Yahtzee Classic

Whether you have a large family or are even looking for a game to pass the time alone, whether playing at home or on the road, Winning Moves has you covered for a great time!

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18 Replies to “Game Time as a Family Brings Unity”

  1. I love playing games because it connects you with the players and great memories can be made while playing together. Everyone is involved (no social media) and besides playing, you talk to each other. LOVE playing games with family & friends!

  2. This is so true that sitting down together as a family can be fun and is a good way to share an activity.

  3. We have game night a couple of times a month. Love getting together with friends and family and enjoying ourselves

  4. I like the time we spend playing because we can connect without electronics and laugh about nothing in particular.

  5. Game night gives us time to sit down as a family and focus on each other. We laugh, have snacks and just enjoy the moments

  6. I love the laughter. When we have game night with friends, there’s just so much laughter. Time flies. It’s such a great stress release.

  7. Playing games brings family and friends together with having a screen in front of your face (well board games do anyway) and that’s the best part. Good old fashioned quality time.

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