Dodgeball Game at the Kitchen Table?!

How many of you remember playing a good ole’ game of dodgeball in PE class? Personally, I always dreaded the game because regardless of how fun it was, the fun was quickly over when one of the boys decided they were going to get YOU out! Those boys sure could leave a red mark (some of the girls too). Now, you can bring the great game to your kitchen table without the sting!

dodgeball game

How to Play Dodgeball

It is simple… well, the rules are but the game is pretty challenging if I do say so myself! This game of skill can be played with two to four players, ages eight and up. All you have to do is stack six mini balls on a goblet. That is IT. So, what is the hard part?! While you are stacking the mini balls, you are also trying to keep your head from getting knocked off by the “guy in the middle”. The guy in the middle is slinging the ball around trying to knock your head (a ping pong ball) off! 

dodgeball game

Basically, you are holding the goblet with one hand, stacking the mini balls and yet having to move your “guy” out of the way of the man in the middle! Anytime the man in the middle comes around to your guy, you better be ready to pull down your player to keep him out of harm’s way! Even adults have fun playing this game! 

dodgeball game

Even the slow mode is challenging but when you are all warmed up, switch to hard mode. 

dodgeball game

The setup and break down is incredibly easy. All the pieces snap in place but snap right back out of place to store neatly inside the box until the next time you play. This game is a load of fun! 


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