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Small Monthly Payments to Protect Your Loved Ones

If you could put away $5 a month and a year later have $10,000 sitting in your account, you would jump on starting that account… like… NOW, right? Well, that is basically what you are doing when it comes to life insurance. You are paying a small monthly payment on premiums that have big benefits later. It won’t benefit you in particular but it will save your family from years of financial stress if and when you were to pass away.

small monthly payments

Stay at home mom, did you know that your yearly medium salary is estimated to be $162,581 per year?? I sure wish I actually got PAID that amount but I am glad to know how much I’m saving our family by being a stay at home mom. That in itself goes to show just how much of a financial strain my family would be under if I were to pass away while my children are young! What about you working moms? What do you contribute financially to the home? Who would pay your child’s daycare bills if you were to die before it is “your time”? It happens all too often to moms all around the world. You are no more immune than the mom next door.

small monthly payments

80% of Americans have a false belief that life insurance is far too expensive for their budget. If you compare the long-term benefits of having life insurance, it’s pocket change in comparison.

No one knows the day or the hour of when they will slip into eternity. With that said, you are not promised tomorrow, or even the five minutes from now. Please don’t leave your family in a mess trying to pay for funeral expenses (which on average range anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000) as well as any medical expenses that may occur as a result of whatever situation led to death. Just the funeral and medical can be astronomical expenses for a family but what about the financial hole they would need to fill in the monthly budget with you not around to contribute?

small monthly payments

Jenny Life Insurance provides a quick and easy way for moms to get covered with life insurance. Using modern technology, Jenny Life allows moms to use a simple app on their smartphone and bypass health exams, blood tests, and urine samples. In a matter of minutes and will the simple upload of your driver’s license, you can be covered to protect your family later! Plans start at just $5 a month, that is a small monthly payment for such a large investment! 

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