A Guide to Carowinds Amusement Park, More Than Just a Day of Fun

Stay and Play at Carowinds Amusement Park

When you think of “amusement park”, you probably think of a day trip, right? Me, too. Until our recent trip to Carowinds Amusement Park. Carowinds can be a full family vacation complete with days of riding roller coaster rides, water park fun, time meeting Snoopy and the gang, food (lots of food), drinks, camping in a tent, RV or a staying in a cabin, and a ton of memories without ever leaving Carowinds!

Amusement Park

We have compiled a series of posts on our stay at Carowinds. In this guide, you will find a quick summary of each key piece to Carowinds. Please check out the additional links to find a lot more details as well as any tips we may have for you to make your trip even better. 

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Camp Wilderness

Enjoy staying on the Carowinds property at Camp Wilderness. You can pick between camping in a tent, bringing your own RV, or renting a cabin. Between the shuttles to and from the park (which is in sight), to swimming in the campground’s pool, playing cornhole, and grilling out, you will love staying at Camp Wilderness. To add to it, you can even receive discounted tickets to the park by staying at Camp Wilderness! Find out more HERE and see pictures from our stay!

carowinds camp wilderness

Carowinds Amusement Park

Roller coasters, thrill rides, and all sorts of entertainment throughout the park will keep you and your children occupied for hours on end. For the little ones, make sure you check out all the kid’s rides and playground area at Camp Snoopy. Your child will also have a chance to meet Snoopy and the gang… and even have a chance to dance with them! Check out more HERE, you have got to hear about Fury!


Dining and Drinks

Part of going to an amusement park is eating all the delicious food. Now, with the affordable all day dining plan, you can eat every 90 minutes to make sure you get a good sampling of all the food at the park! 

dining plan

You will want to stay hydrated while in the park. Purchasing a refillable scan and sip cup is a great addition. This allows drink refills every 15 minutes!! See pictures of some of our favorite meals and tips HERE!

Amusement Park

Carolina Harbor

A day at an amusement park is complete with a dip in the wave pool to cool off or maybe you enjoy the thrill rides so much that you would rather take a plunge down a waterslide where the floor drops out from under you, sending you soaring down the slide. Yes, they really have that! Carolina Harbor also provides children with a place to splash and play with kid-sized water slides and plenty of shallow water activities. Find out what our favorite rides are HERE!

Carowinds Waterpark

As you plan your summer vacations, make sure you check out all that Carowinds has to offer. If you plan to go for more than a day, I would highly recommend purchasing a season pass! There are so many benefits to being a season pass holder. Your children will not only love it but you will love all the laughs and smiles throughout the day…. and very tired kids by the end of the night!!

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19 thoughts on “A Guide to Carowinds Amusement Park, More Than Just a Day of Fun

  1. Parks like this are always fun to go and visit. Haven’t heard of this one until now. If we are ever in the area

  2. What a fun time! I’ve never been here before, but I think I’d like it. My daughter especially would, she’s all about amusement parks.

  3. Carowinds is my daughter’s favorite theme park… I think because it’s the first one she went to with friends, not family! She felt grown up! 🙂 BUT, we all love the all day dining plan (great value) and fun this park has to offer. We’ll be back this summer!

  4. The Carowinds Amusement Park looks like a great spot for a family day or family weekend. We will have to add this to our family travel bucket list and visit soon.

  5. The Carowinds Amusement Park seems like it has something for everyone. Different personalities have varying levels of thrill seeking! I can imagine the water slides were a lot of fun too!

  6. I think that this is the perfect for a family to have fun and relax time! Everything looks so awesome! I would like to visit it one day!

  7. I have heard such great things about Carowinds but have never been! Your post makes me wish it were summer so I could road trip it and go have fun!

  8. My daughter has been wanting to go to Carowinds for a while now. She is a big fan of amusement parks.

  9. It looks like you had so much fun! We used to go to amusement parks almost every summer when our kids were small.

  10. I have been wanting to go to Carowinds for a while now. It looks like a really fun amusement park.

  11. Dear Ms.Amy,
    Carowinds Camp Resort Needs to get the “Ole fashion tent Camping tent camping back”.
    My wife and I camped there for 43 years every summer and raised two children , summer vacation, camping in a tent, the lodge games and the walk-a-bout on the campground was ideal, and Carowinds.
    Now, with 4 granddaughters and a grandson . Now, what is a husband, father, GrandFather tells the family, sorry no more “Tent Camping at Camp Wilderness.” No more Carowinds period.Just Pictures, now.

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