Life Insurance Without the Hassle of Medical Exams

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Life Insurance App Helps Busy Moms Prepare for the Worst While Enjoying the Best of Times With Their Children

Life insurance. I am sorry I had to say those words. They are words that no one wants to hear, think about, or even discuss unless it is because you are the beneficiary needing the life insurance money of your loved one to pay the crazy high funeral expenses. Life insurance has been on the decline for most moms. Busy lifestyles have moved “Get Life Insurance Policy” to the bottom of the to-do list. 

life insurance

Unfortunately, life insurance, although a hassle for most busy moms is put on the back burner due to convenience. It is more needed now than ever before with the rising living and burial expenses. You do NOT want to leave your loved ones to deal with all the expenses on their own. What if I told you that you could have your life insurance all set without medical exams, interviews, urine samples, and blood tests? You owe it to your family to at least check it out! 

life insurance

Jenny Life is a game changer! With a simple download of the Jenny Life app on Android or iOS and then a quick upload of a copy of your current driver’s license, you can have life insurance in a matter of minutes! Sounds too easy? Jenny Life offers instant coverage from an A-rated insurance carrier. It is true! Check it out and you will see!

Two husbands began the company when they decided enough was enough. Mother’s are just too busy and were leaving their babies behind unexpectedly with a slew of financial burdens. For as little as $5 a month, you can be covered through Jenny Life!

Even mothers who stay home with little to no income, have high dollar values. If death knocked on your door, who would now take care of your children? Instant additional daycare, aftercare, or nanny expenses would occur. Have you set your family up to prevent financial hardships if life threw the unexpected curveball called death? Check out Jenny Life and mark “Get Life Insurance” off your to-do list in no time flat!

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