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Crazy Summer Break Day – Saved by Red Baron Pizza

Summer break. Most moms reading this just cringed and smiled at the same time. We want all the “summer fun” that summer break brings but, let’s be honest, it isn’t very fun some days… a lot of days. Most moms that I talk to are overwhelmed on summer break by about week two. Let me tell you about our craziest summer day as of yet and you will see how Red Baron pizza saved the day!

Red Baron Pizza

Our Crazy Summer Day…

We had spent several days on a really fun filled vacation. Great vacation!! The only problem was, we were going to be back home for roughly four hours but some plans changed last minute because our son got sun poisoning despite the sunscreen applications (this always seems to happen from the first water experience of the season). He felt pretty miserable so we headed home a little earlier than expected, leaving us with 18 hours to wash clothes, repack, sleep, go to church, and get back on the road for our next adventure.

summer break

We were planning to stay until the following day so that we didn’t have to bother repacking the toiletries and cosmetics. Plus, I planned to take a little time on our last day and do some laundry while the kids and my husband played at the pool. Needless to say, plans changed and that made everything chaotic!

Between having to rush everyone along and the fact that everyone was exhausted from being out in the sun for a few days, we were ALL a little testier than normal. Don’t judge, I am just trying to be honest. Has anyone ever had a day like that? I was already tired with plenty to do, so I wanted to go simple for dinner. VERY simple with little to no dishes to have to wash. 

summer break

So, what was the one thing I knew everyone would agree on for dinner that is one of our classic go-to meals? A Red Baron Pizza with Pepperoni! Everyone in our family loves the fact that the crust isn’t too thick or too thin and the sauce is just the right amount… it is just right for everyone’s liking in our family!

summer break

To top of the simplicity of Red Baron pizza being a meal of choice for our family on that crazy summer day, my 15-year-old even knows how to make it by himself. He knew how busy I was and volunteered to make it for us to help me out! Yay for teenage helpers! Red Baron, you saved the day and we still made it in time to leave for our next trip despite the crazy whirlwind of a day!

summer break

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4 Replies to “How Red Baron Pizza Saved the Craziest Day of Summer Break”

  1. We love Red Baron’s around here! I think their pepperoni is the most flavorful and it seems to be larger pieces than most.

  2. i always keep red baron pizza in my freezer for those days that i just dont have time to prepare a full meal

  3. Red Baron pizza definitely reminds me of my childhood, I ate it all of the time! I love having it in the freezer for those times when I am too tired to cook.

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