Preparing for a Babysitter

Preparing for a Babysitter

Parents need to set ground rules, run through kids’ routines, give written instructions and observe how the sitter works when preparing for a babysitter.

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Safe at the Beach

Safe at the Beach

While the beach can be a fun and exciting place for any family with children to visit, it does not come without its hazards or dangers. People, especially those without vast express knowledge of personal safety or in recognizing potential dangers such as children, can become badly injured or even killed if proper care is not taken. For parents, there are many ways to keep children safe on the beach at all times.

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Children Confiding in Parents, It Can Be Done

Children Confiding in Parents…  It’s Difficult but CAN Be Done

Parents often have a difficult time getting their children to listen to them, let alone confide in them. Many times this parenting problem can be solved by spending quality time with the kids, in addition to using a little known parenting secret called The Salt Principle.

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Kids Fighting the Corona Blues

Are Your Kids Fighting the Corona Blues?

As parents are facing the devastation of their lives being turned upside down, sometimes parents lose sight that their children’s lives have been also turned upside down. Men and women all over are battling a loss of jobs, essentials working overtime with fear for their own health, domestic violence, fear, depression, and so many more overwhelming feelings and circumstances thanks to Covid-19. What about our children? Are they also feeling the Corona blues?

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Developing Self Confidence In Kids

Developing Self Confidence In Kids 

Self-confidence is an important factor in the life of anyone, young or old, and self-confidence begins at an early age, during childhood, when all of a person’s perception of themselves and the world around them begins. Parents play a vital role in the development of self confidence in children, and there are numerous ways in which they can give their child’s confidence a healthy and effective boost.

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