Important Characteristics Of A Healthy Family

Important Characteristics Of A Healthy Family

 A healthy family starts with healthy adults, and building a family is just like building a house. You must start with a good, strong, foundation. The adults in the family unit are the foundation. It doesn’t matter if they are a husband and wife, a single parent, a parent and grandparent, or any other combination of adults. As an adult, your job is to create a substructure that the younger members of the family can walk on without fear of falling.

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Practice healthy habits as a family

There are several ways to do this, and they all merge into this. You take care of you as you teach the children to take care of themselves. If you exercise, you exercise together. If you relax and take some downtime, you do it as a family. But it goes deeper.

Adults tend to take their children to the doctor annually, but they neglect to go for their own preventative medical care. You must set an example for your children. If they are old enough to see a general practitioner, set up one doctor for the family to have their annual checkup. If you are in need of a dentist, find one and go for your own dental maintenance. This will show the kids that this is a rule for everyone, not just them. This is a way to keep the whole family healthy.

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A higher power

Most people are spiritual at least to a degree. Share your beliefs with your children. Why? Because, just as you reach out to your higher power when your back is against the wall, they need to feel there is something in control of the universe. No matter what your spiritual belief system is, share it with your children. There is a comfort factor in knowing that the universe is not out to get you. Practice your belief system as a family and let it build peace in your home.

Give back

A healthy family takes care of their bodies. A healthy family takes care of their minds. But a healthy family also gives back to the world around them. They have a good core value system. They treat other people well. They help when they can help and donate when they can donate. A healthy family shows compassion. This builds character and moral strength.

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Communication and understanding

If there is one area that a healthy family excels, it is in communication. With that said, communication is not arguing. It is talking things out. It is explaining their feelings, expressing their concerns, and understanding how that affects us. This exercise is priceless. You may need help learning to do it. See a family counselor, minister, or another expert. But, do not wait. Learn this early and use it for your entire life. Even further generations of your family will benefit from this habit.


To have a healthy family, you must take care of your physical needs. You must care for your bodies. To have a healthy family, you must set core values, and boundaries in which you will live as a family. You will see the world as a beautiful place and you will give back to the community in appreciation of all the wonders you have. A healthy family understands that there are things at work that are beyond what they can see and experience. Having an appreciation and respect for each other is the key to keeping the balance needed to allow every member of the healthy family to grow.


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  1. Great post, especially today. Timely as so many don’t have healthy families today.
    Lot of complainers and complaining too. IMO. No responsibility in many areas.

  2. I love this article. We do these things with the grandchildren and it shows. I am so thankful. God Bless

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