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For the Organized Mom on Mother’s Day

Written by Cheryl

As a busy grandma of eleven grandchildren, I know the importance of being organized on a day to day basis. Every mom and grandma I know loves being organized since being organized makes life so much easier. Because of that, I am excited about giving the Lotus Trolley Bag system to my daughters for Mother’s Day.

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This simple system makes organizing your groceries as you bag them quick and easy. The bags fold into each other with a Velcro clasp making the four bags smaller and easy to store. Instead of having several loose bags all over the back of my car I now have four bags rolled into one.

See How the Lotus Trolley Bag System Works

My favorite of the four bags is the large cooler bag. This bag alone would make not only a great bag for the grocery store but for picnics and beach trips. It is large enough to put a day’s worth of cold food for a trip!

My second favorite is the compartment bag. This bag has pockets that hold fragile or breakable items. I place my eggs or delicate items in the larger pocket. The two side pockets hold two-liter bottles. This is a wonderful feature since it keeps items from rolling around or having heavy things place on top of delicate items.

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After I bag my groceries I can place them in the car for a safe and secure transport home. If I’m in a hurry I can just grab the cooler bag and unload quickly leaving the other bags to empty at a later time. When I am running from one event to another event, this is a very important feature of the Lotus Trolley Bag system.

Organized Mom

There are times I have used the bags as a single bag use. I love having the choice to not use the store’s plastic bags. The environment is important to me, so reusable bags are important in saving the planet from filling the landfills with plastic. With Lotus Trolley Bag you can be stylish, organized and mindful of the environment.

Consider buying one for yourself and the organized (or want to be organized) mom in your life!

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