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Modern technology allows family and friends to stay connected more than ever before. Between instant messaging, posts on social media, and text messaging, the close family bond can remain closer than ever even if you never speak a word. Social media is great but don’t lose the personal touch! Daily or weekly phone calls, depending on your situation, is something that should never be replaced by social media! Do you take time to stay connected to your loved ones in a personal way? Toddy Gear helps you stay connected… in style!

Stay Connected

Unique Charger Cords

You can be ready to receive all the important phone calls by making sure your cell phone stays charged! Toddy Gear charger cords are more fun than the average phone cord.

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You can choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors of your charger cord. Especially when you have multiple people living in one home with the same type of charger cords, the cords get mixed up and go missing. A missing charger cord means a dead phone battery. By having a specific pattern or color that is different than others in your home, you never have to worry about a missing charger cord!

Stay Connected

Stylish Portable Power Banks

What about the long days at a theme park, a day at the park, or other fun outings? Does your phone lose its juice resulting in a dead phone battery? What about a portable power pack? Toddy Gear, like their phone cords, have a very unique look. You can choose between several different patterns for your portable power packs as well! Look how fun these are! They charge phones up exceptionally well! Great for on the go or even in your home when you don’t feel like sitting close to an outlet to charge your phone.

Stay Connected

Stress Ball & Screen Cleaner

The stress ball/ screen cleaner makes cleaning your screen super easy. We all know those screens get pretty dirty in a day! The screen cleaner ball keeps you from scratching your screen while cleaning it. You can also use it to relieve stress when you aren’t using it to clean your phone (unless you are like me and find cleaning AS a stress reliever). 

Stay Connected

Personalized Phone Case

Last but not least, I am totally loving my new phone case. The pictures of my babies gives me and even perfect strangers a topic of conversation. They see my children and ask a lot of questions. I always have a photo on hand to show friends and family without having to be distracted by turning on my phone! These make great gifts or you can just buy it for yourself and enjoy showing off your children (or dogs, or anything really) to your family and friends.

Stay Connected

Toddy Gear keeps you connected in your very own personalized style!

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