Stay Connected With Those You Love

Stay Connected to Mom

Modern technology allows family and friends to stay connected more than ever before. Between instant messaging, posts on social media, and text messaging, the close family bond can remain closer than ever even if you never speak a word. Social media is great but don’t lose the personal touch! Daily or weekly phone calls, depending on your situation, is something that should never be replaced by social media! Do you take time to stay connected to your loved ones in a personal way? Toddy Gear helps you stay connected… in style!

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Personalized Couples Watches – A Reminder of Love

 Personalized Couples Watches – A Perfect Reminder That You Are Loved!

A wedding ring is a great reminder that you are loved but many become immune to wearing their ring. After a while, a wedding ring often goes unnoticed. Also, what about the couples who are not married? How often do you check the time? I bet it is far more often than you stop to stare at your wedding ring (unless you are newly married). 

Couples Watches

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I See Me Perfect Easter Basket Addition #Easter #Review #ISeeMeBooks

I See Me Easter Book and Bunny Makes a GREAT Easter Basket Gift Option

Easter candy in your child’s Easter basket is a tradition but I See Me Personalized Books has a lasting, HEALTHY alternative addition to your child’s Easter basket this year!

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Celebrate Those You Love With JobreMoon Jewelry #Review

Solid Friendships Are Hard to Come By

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of friends. All of them are special to me for different reasons. This last year and a half were extremely tough for my family and I. You can read more about it HERE and HERE but I had one particular friend who stuck with me through it all.

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How “I See Me” Personalized Books Encourages Learning #Review

I See Me Personalized Books Encourages Learning

It seems like EVERYTHING these days is personalized. Personally, I love the personalization. It adds a unique touch to it. There is more to just preference when it comes to personalized books! Although, I have not found many personalized books that I have felt were truly great quality. I See Me Personalized Books gave me a whole new perspective with their high quality book selections!

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