Trolley Bags – The Most Organized Way of Shopping EVER!

Keep Them In Your Trunk To Use EVERYWHERE YOU GO!

Ok, so maybe I am a little OCD BUT when I am shopping, but I like to have everything organized to the T. It doesn’t always work that way since I typically have at least one of my three kids with me. As I unload the items from the cart to the belt at checkout, I make sure all the cold items are together so they are scanned and bagged together. It makes it easier to put my groceries away when I get back home. Trolley Bags are honestly heaven on earth for shoppers like me!

Trolley Bags

A Little About Trolley Bags

Trolley Bags are reusable ECO-friendly shopping bags. I know, ECO-friendly shopping bags are EVERYWHERE now! But wait a minute…. these are NO ordinary shopping bags. Not only are they reusable bags but they sit perfectly in a shopping cart and are super easy to use. Even my three year old daughter can carry them in the store for me (she loves being a big girl by helping mommy… AND feeling like she is carrying a purse like mommy). Isn’t she cute?

Trolley Bags

With bars that stretch across the width of the shopping cart, these Trolley Bags are color coded to make packing your cart in an organized fashion so simple! 

Trolley Bags

Made from the highest quality materials. Double stitched and high grade materials. Designed to use for many years. MACHINE WASHABLE!


How Trolley Bags Work

Trolley Bags velcro together making it easy to hold each bag open in the cart yet can be carried individually while loading or unloading from the car. When you are ready to check out, simply unload the cart by bag and place right back in the same bag once scanned. That way, all of your groceries are sorted the way you prefer. Stroll your cart to your car and the bags detach from one another and can be placed inside your trunk to easily transport your groceries home. No more plastic bags AND less bags to have to carry inside your home! 

Trolley Bags

Trolley Bags

Order your Trolley Bags today to make your shopping as simple as mine!

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  1. I have been thinking a lot about these bags recently. I’m happy to see your review! I think about them every time I’m at the grocery store!

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