Breathable Weighted Blanket

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Anxiety… It is something so many struggles with, yet many times there is no conversation about it. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than 18% of the adult population suffers from anxiety, yet only 36.9% will seek treatment.

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How to Hire Painters in Denver

How to Hire Painters in Denver

How much do you know about the City of Denver? Let’s share some fun facts.

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Why Hire Pros for Air Conditioner Fixes and Repairs in Saint Petersburg Florida

Why Hire Pros for Air Conditioner Fixes and Repairs in Saint Petersburg Florida

air conditioner fixes

It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon, and you’re reading a book on a comfortable sofa at your home in the Saint Petersburg, Florida. It’s the dog days outside, but the temperature in your living room is 22 degrees. Suddenly, you hear some suspicious sounds from the air conditioner or smell an unpleasant odor. Or, worst of all, feel that the cold air is no longer circulating. Things like this can ruin your day, mostly if they happen at an inconvenient time. Continue reading

Help Save Babies! Building a Baby Haven

Help Save Babies in South Africa

Several years ago, my husband, Josh, and I had the privilege of meeting Brent and Selina Bergey. Not only would they become missionaries our church supports but also our friends.

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Brisbane Cabinet Makers

Brisbane Cabinet Makers: What Great Qualities You Should Look Out For

Cabinet Makers

Cabinets have been a part of many interior designs in any part of the house. However, some parts are highlighted to require the best cabinets due to its functionality, and one of them is your kitchen.  Continue reading