How Routine Cleaning Keeps Home Owners in Order

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If you have a tendency to hoard items, then you probably know just how big of a challenge it can be when it comes time to tidying up the house. Whether you are planning to have family over to visit or are planning to move within the next year, keeping your home in order is all about setting up a cleaning routine. It is also important to have a good cleaning routine with cleaning products on hand in order to keep your home safe from fires, infestations, tripping hazards, and other dangers.

How does routine cleaning help keep the hoarding in order? When you have a hard time letting go of the items you acquire, you might feel like you aren’t ready to develop a consistent cleaning schedule. You can do it by taking baby steps and building up your routine. Here are some ways to start building up your cleaning routine.

1. Take Out the Trash Before the Bin Gets Full

Before the trash reaches the top of the garbage bin, remove it and take it outside. Do this for every trash bin at the same time. Taking out the trash all in one go will make things easier on you and prevent the garbage from overflowing. It is the simplest way to start reducing the clutter and stench, so get into the habit of removing the trash before the bin gets full. Make use of sturdy bags that can sustain plenty of weight to prevent unexpected rips while carrying your trash outside.

2. Wash Dishes Immediately After Use

Instead of letting clutter collect in your sink, wash every dish and cup, every utensil, and every pot and pan immediately after use. Toss any leftovers in the trash; don’t worry about saving a few scoops of food from your plate. Just get that plate washed, dried, and put away. Do this every single time and have the family do the same. Establishing a dish cleaning rule helps evenly distribute the workload while also keeping your kitchen sink clean in the process.

3. Remove Larger Junk Items

For more extensive cleaning projects, dumpster rentals can help you make quick work of especially cluttered areas. Rent a large dumpster to remove bulky items that are no longer needed or are in dilapidated condition. Large items can take up too much space in your home and make the clutter seem even worse. You will likely need a few people to help you get these items into the dumpster, so be sure to reach out and recruit some assistants. Once you have filled a dumpster, the company that you work with will likely come by to pick it up at a scheduled time.

4. Do a Load of Laundry Per Day

Don’t let clothing accumulate in the hamper or in a pile on the floor. Do a small load of laundry once a day. This won’t take as much of your time and encourages good cleaning habits. You can simply wash, dry, fold, and sort a few articles of clothing each day and keep the floors and hamper clear of clothing clutter.

Remember that everyone in the house needs to be on the same page with the cleaning routine. Everyone who is able should be chipping in and doing their part to reduce the clutter. You have a long road ahead of you, but purging big items with some help and committing to doing small things every day can help you keep your hoarding in order. You might just find yourself taking pride in your home once you get things under control, and your mental health might just improve, too.

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