Make Your Bathroom Safe for Your Kids

Make Your Bathroom Safe for Your Kids

Written by Guest Writer Diana Smith

A bathroom is a place of relaxation, but it’s hard to relax when there are so many hazards for your child. Razors, cleaning chemicals, meds, hot irons and drowning hazards represent a serious danger to your child’s health and safety. However, with only a few modifications and clever tips, you can relax knowing your kid is safe in your bathroom.

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Bath Time Safety Made Convenient

Making Bath Time a Hit With LatherMitts

Bath time can be fun for little ones but stressful for mom and dad. There are two big concerns when it comes to baths. Drowning and falling. Both can happen from pure neglect but even the best of parents have had accidents with their children during bath time. 

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Charli Chair Makes Bathing Your Babies Pain-Free #Review

Charli Chair Allows Pain-Free Bathtime

Bathing your babies should be a special time NOT a painful time. Primo Baby’s Charli Chair is an elevated bath chair for your child that will meet your baby’s needs AND your needs as a parent!

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