Active Toddler Free Play With Tomy Toys

Toddler Free Play Helps Children Think Outside the Box

Every mom loves their children to have toys that keep them occupied. As much as I love my children, I need a break occasionally. Anyone else out there that feels this way? Finding the right toys that will keep them entertained, increase imagination, and allow independent play time can be difficult at times. If your children are anything like mine, they seem to get a new toy and within a week or maybe even just a couple days, those toys are “no fun” anymore. That is why I love toys that have an open-ended free play! The story is never the same leaving the toy interesting and used over and over again without boredom. Let me tell you about two specific Tomy Toys that I am sure your toddler will LOVE!

toddler free play

John Deere Monster Treads 8″ Lightning Wheels Tractor

Boys and their tractors…. they never get tired of pushing around tractors. It is an adventure every day with the John Deere Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor. Not only does this big green tractor roll over anything and everything but it also makes sounds that help bring your child’s story to life as they play. 

toddler free play

With a touch of the button on top, lights and sounds appear based on if your child is moving the truck forward or backward. Yes, they even have the beeping backup sound. Haha, It’s great! The wheels have LED lights that make the tractor as real feeling as it can be. The John Deere Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor is suggested for ages three and up but my personal opinion is that any child who can push a toy could play with this one and LOVE it!

Oh, and no need to buy batteries for Christmas morning. It has batteries INCLUDED, unlike most toys!

Pokemon Petite Pals Escape in the Forest Playset

Pokemon has been around for a while but when the Pokemon Go app came out in 2016, the craze began again! Children listen to what is “cool” to others. Now, even the younger ones can join in on the hype. They may not be able to go driving all over town but they can create their very own storyline within their very own four walls with the Pokemon Petite Pals Escape in the Forest Playset. 

toddler free play

Not a Pokemon fan? No big deal. Your child will still love the playset and adorable tree house. My daughter has a doll house she plays with but is always knocking all the accessories on the floor as she plays. The Pokemon Petite Pals Escape in the Forest Playset has miniature suction cups attached to all of the smaller pieces which allows your child to secure the accessories in the places they wish to place them. The suction cups hold the items in place but are also easy to remove during active play!

toddler free play

Discover the delightful tree house destination and get your Pokemon to explore the wild. You can decorate the walls, accessorize, and set the place up any way you want. Spend some quiet time on the swing; send your packages upstairs thanks to the manual elevator. 

toddler free play

Features of the Pokemon Petite Pals Escape in the Forest Playset:

  • Create and share your stories in a brand new Pokemon world!
  • Bring action and adventures to life with this delightful tree house playset
  • Pack includes Pikachu figure, Oshwatt figure, Fennekin figure, Fletching figure and 24 accessory pieces and a unique tree house playset.
  • Figures and accessories feature miniature suction cups, making play exciting and customizable.
  • Suitable for ages 4 years and up

The storyline will change but the same faithful toys will be used over and over with the Pokemon Petite Pals Escape in the Forest Playset and the John Deere Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor.

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