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Classic Knit Cardigan – Feltman Brothers

Christmas pictures, Christmas parties, and Christmas Day all require one thing… an adorable outfit! Feltman Brothers offer vintage clothing for infants and small children. Complete any outfit with Feltman Brothers’ Classic Knit Red Cardigan. This cardigan also comes in two other colors, white and navy. Buttoning down the front gives the option to go with the buttoned or unbuttoned look. Have your child “picture ready” with the Classic Knit Cardigan from Feltman Brothers. 

TeachMy Baby Learning Kit

Before a child starts kindergarten, these days, they are expected to know so much more than we did as kids. Once beginning kindergarten, they will move at a fast pace to cram as much learning into their little minds as they can. Being sure you are on top of your game as a parent by helping your child get a jump start to their education at a young age is very important.

Finger puppets, small books, blocks, and puzzles will teach your children (beginning at just 6 months old) their first words, numbers, sounds, and self-awareness. The items inside the box will increase their fine motor skills, self-esteem, hand-eye coordination, and parent interaction. 

It’s Your World Now

Life is full of beautiful things to see and do but it isn’t all a bed of roses. Often life is portrayed to children as fairy tale stories. I love how this book shares both sides of life with little readers. It allows them to see the beauty around them, the possibilities of what life has to offer but also warns them of the hard times that will come in life. It is realistic and enlightening to little minds.

JanieBee Nap Mat 

For those that read my blog often, you probably already know by now how much we absolutely LOVE JanieBee Nap Mats. They are a lifesaver for keeping normalcy for my daughter whether she is home or traveling. We just bring her bed with us everywhere. At home, she sleeps on her JanieBee Nap Mat on top of her mattress. Other times, she can bring it along to sleep on the floor at grandma’s.

It is machine washable (just take the pillow insert out) which makes it ideal for even hotel stays. We can completely sanitize it as soon as we get back home. My daughter has had hers now for three years and truly loves her nap mat. We now have a spare for our foster kids that come and go. They are customizable with special monogramming. 


Have a newborn this Christmas to buy for? Check out this awesome product. It is called the Crawligator. Genius?! Absolutely! Have you ever been around a baby who was attempting to crawl They had the determination but despite the determination to get from point A to point B, babies get worn out easy from trying to pull their weight? So, until they gain more strength in their arms and legs, the Crawligator is a great thing to have on hand. Babies lay on the gator and can use their hands to maneuver from one place to another while their belly and legs stay out of the way by resting on the gator. The wheels under the gator help babies get around while still gaining the strength in their arms and legs. I love it for my little guy! 


Looking for an idea that your baby will LOVE? WubbaNub uses a silicone pacifier that is shaped to help keep the baby’s natural development of their palate, teeth, and gums with its collapsible and symmetrical nipple. Since it is made from latex-free, medical-grade silicone, it is safe for even children with allergies to latex. The WubbaNub pacifiers are for children between the ages of 0-6 months old.

Big Cat

Kids will get a kick out of this fun, eye-opener of a book, Big Cat by Emma Lazell. When Gran loses her glasses, she finds a stray cat and brings him home with her. Little does she know that this BIG cat is a TIGER! Kids will find out about the differences in others and how to accept those who are different in this joke-filled book! 

Lil Mixins  

Allergies have become a big concern these days when introducing new foods. Yes, it has always been a concern but it seems as though more and more children are having very serious allergies to foods such as nuts and eggs. Lil Mixins offers a powdered mix starting at 4 months old to help parents begin to introduce high allergy foods in small doses. Just like allergy shots, giving small doses of what someone might be allergic to, helps their body become more and more immune from allergic reactions. If you want to get your baby on the right track to get their body used to high allergy foods, check out Lil Mixins!

Cracker Barrel Magnetic Car Loader

I’m in love with this toy. Cracker Barrel has the best toys, don’t they? I am a stickler for wooden toys. It combines a bit of nostalgia with such simplicity. Your little one will love playing with this big truck and the four chunky cars. It’s more than just rolling vehicles around, it is also a magnetic loader. They can pick up the smaller cars and load them onto the bigger truck. This will keep your little one occupied while helping them practice their motor skills. It’s a win-win for mom and child!

Keiki Ukuleles

Trying to figure out what to get your budding musician? Look no farther! The Keiki Ukuleles are perfect for anyone with an interest in music! My kids have been begging to learn several different instruments – and this will be one of them! Great quality and super sound will serenade your snowy wi tee evenings with these Ukeleles from Keiki! 

Busy Christmas

Board books make such a great gift for children in the 0-2 range. During that time, their little minds are soaking up so much vital information. Reading to them and also giving them their own reading time will culture them, give them a love for reading, and introduce them to so many images and words that they would not capture from natural daily exposure. Busy Christmas is full of colorful pictures getting them all prepped for the busy but beautiful Christmas season!

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Pets

At a young age, I encouraged my children to learn about animals. They had a couple of National Geographics binders full of interesting facts about different animals. Now, anytime anyone has a question regarding animals, my boys are walking encyclopedias when it comes to even the rarest of animals. A big thanks to National Geographics. The Little Kids First Big Book of Pets would be a great starter for your little one to start gaining interest and knowledge of the animals around them.

Pug Booster Chair

Soccer mom, Basketball mom, and youth leader are among some of my many titles as a mom. We are on the go more than we are NOT. Having a 6-month-old foster baby can be a bit difficult at times when I have such a busy schedule with my older kids. The Pug Booster Chair is going to come in handy in a massive way. The Pug Booster Chair is a camping style, foldable chair but is a highchair for babies and little kids. It is easy to leave folded in your trunk without taking up much room, easy to carry to the ballfield, yet structurally safe for my little one to eat and play in during our many activities. If you love the outdoors or are a super busy mom, like me, the Pug Booster Chair will be an excellent gift for your little one this Christmas. (Even though it is really a gift to YOU, as well as your child).

Olivia’s North Pole Adventures

This adorable board book would be a great gift or even a stocking stuffer. Olivia has lost her shovel. She wants to build a snow fort but needs her shovel. As she sets out on an adventure to find her shovel, she runs into friends. But where is her shovel? The book will peek your child’s interest in a game of “hide and seek” but also teach them how to find what they have lost.

Bookroo Book Subscription

BookRoo is one of my very favorite subscription boxes. I can get rather overwhelmed trying to pick good books for my children. Bookroo does that job for me! All you have to do is pick the age range (between 0-10 years old) and BookRoo employees will handle picking out the books to best fit. They pick books from other parents’ suggestions on both classic and hidden gem books. The value of the books is always above the actual subscription fee (up to a 54% discount), so it is a deal for sure! The books come pre-wrapped which adds even more fun to receive the Bookroo package. Will you choose a one-month, three-month, six-month, or 12-month subscription?!

Frida Catlo, Yum Yummy Yuck, and The Story of Rap Board Books

Frida Kahlo was a famous painter from Mexico who mixed reality with fantasy in her paintings. This children’s book, Frida Catlo, brings a bit of humor to teach children about the famous painter. Just as Frida Kahlo had a unique style of art, Frida the cat also has her own flair! Check out this fun-filled, colorful book, Frida Catlo!

Have you heard of Cree Lane and Amanda Jones? They share absolutely hilarious real-life stories from their own personal lives of raising small children. Now, they have published a book, Yum Yummy Yuck, that helps other parents face the same dilemma. Have a child who likes to put anything and everything in their mouth… crayons, sand, and so much more? Yum Yummy Yuk helps children understand the difference of what does and does NOT belong in their mouths through this cute and simple board book.

This fun book, The Story of Rap, includes a lot of rhyming, colorful pictures, and history. Are you a music lover who wants your child to know a little about all different kinds of music? The Story of Rap gives them a very simple, kid version description of the history behind how rap music came to be. 

A is for Apricat & ABC What Can He Be   

Times have changed since I was in kindergarten. It used to be that we went to school with very basic education and the teachers would teach us our letters, numbers, and how to read. Now, most schools expect children to already know their letters and numbers (some before preschool even!). Offering educational books to your children starting all the way at birth will help get them used to recognize the letters of the alphabet. A is for Apricat and ABC What Can He Be are great Starter books to get your child on the right track!

Little People, Big Dreams  

There are many important figures in years gone by. Some they will learn about in history class, others they may not. Little People, Big Dreams are perfect for kids between the ages of newborn up to age six or so. They take real-life people who had typical lives but wound up doing something big with their lives. Stories are told in kid-friendly ways so kids can appreciate history and see how even their little life can do big things!

Stroller Books  

Our little one is six months old and just beginning to play with toys. He loves to drool all over the board books for a few minutes then knock them on the floor. I am totally digging these Stroller Books from Quarto. They are made from a tactile, crinkly material with a velcro strap attached to them which allows them to be attached to the stroller so they will not get tossed on the floor. They are full of colorful illustrations that keep little ones entertained while on a stroll at the park or in the mall.

Pillow Pet Baby Fox

Pillow Pets offer a wide range of different animals and characters, check out this adorable Baby Fox Pillow Pet! This grey and white 18 inch stuffed pillow folds and then fastens to transform from a fluffy pillow to a stuffed animal. The underside of the fox has a calming pattern of trees, hearts, and gold dots. Pillow Pets are great for sleeping, reading, snuggling, and simply having a pal to share the day and night with. 

Motif Photo Album

Memories compiled in an album can be one of the most cherished gifts you can give. The awesome thing about it? It is a gift that will be passed down and loved by generations to come. How many of you have taken time at some point or another to look through Grandma’s old photo album? Looked to find pictures of you as a child? With Motif, you can use photos of your little one to create a one-of-a-kind album for them to enjoy looking at for years to come!  

Brickmates Activity Set and Puzzle  

Have you ever noticed how much children love to build and put pieces of puzzles together? It seems like that is a common bond among children. Brickmates gives the best of both worlds. They have puzzles with a bit of a unique property… they are buildable. Once children figure out what puzzle piece fits the shape, they can then snap it in place with the Brickmates puzzle clix. Once they get a bit older, they can then use the Brickmates Activity Set to stack the Lego-style pieces by numbers to create a specific design. Kids will be developing their problem-solving and motor skills with Brickmates.

Moosh-Moosh Flashlight

What could possibly be any better than a stuffie that doubles as a flashlight? Our littles will have someone to whisper secrets to and they can put the spotlight on the “monster in the closet” when they’re scared! My little lady is a HUGE fan of stuffies and this one has absolutely stolen her heart. The only problem is deciding which one is cuter! Get the Moosh-Moosh Flashlight for all of your squishy lovers!

Paw Patrol Best in Snow Collection

What a perfect gift for your Paw Patrol lovers! My nephew is in love with Chase and actually dressed as him for Halloween! So cute and just in time for the cooler temperatures that have settled in. Watch your favorite pals tromping around in the snow while it falls outside your window. Sounds absolutely perfect to this mama!

Olaf Pillow Pet

Olaf likes warm hugs! Although this Olaf Pillow Pet won’t melt, it will add a sense of love and coziness to your child’s nighttime routine. The beloved Olaf Pillow Pet is available just in time for the release of Frozen 2 in theatres! Can you imagine how tight your child will be hugging Olaf on Christmas morning? Pillow Pets can be used as a snuggly pillow or folded and velcroed shut to transform into a stuffed animal for on the go! 

ABC’S of Art by Sabrina Hahn

The ABC’s of Art by Sabrina Hahn is one for the bookshelf, for sure. Aside from helping your child learn his or her letters of the alphabet, ABC’s of Art digs deeper into your child’s mind, cultivating a love and appreciation for art at a young age. The book showcases famous paintings along with teaching information about the artist themselves. Your child will most likely not be the only one to enjoy, but you yourself will likely find this book to spark your inner creativity and challenge your imagination! 

Tiny Teethers

We LOVE Tiny Teethers at the Smith house! Their teethers, necklaces, and pacifier holders are all made from 100% silicone and wood that is safe for babies to chew on. I love all of their products but how fun is this Oreo teether?! The teether can safely attach to your baby’s clothing or bib to ensure it does not fall on the floor!

Frog’s Rainy-Day Story

Cuddle up with some hot chocolate and your favorite little one this Christmas. Follow Frog on his exciting journey to keep the letter to his story in order! Enjoy the quality time that only books can bring. The innocence of storytime has always been one of my favorites. Give the gift that will continue to give long after the holiday is gone!

Banana Baby Toothbrushes

Babies don’t have teeth, so they don’t have to have their teeth brushed. FALSE! When babies are first born, wiping their mouth with a washcloth is all that is needed but once they begin teething, brushing is very important. Help take care of your baby’s gums and teeth starting from day one. Remember, they will keep these teeth for the next five to twelve years! Banana Baby Toothbrushes allow parents to gently brush teeth and gums with a flexible 100% food-grade silicone toothbrush. The dragon and unicorn style brushes provide wing handles to prevent injury and allow little hands to grasp easily. Help your baby start good oral hygiene habits at an early age with Banana Baby Toothbrushes!

Life Lessons from my Cat – How to Land on Your Feet Books

Sit back and relax while flipping through Jamie Shelman’s book series, Lessons From My Cat. Why not think like a cat? Her whitty, but insightful thoughts on how to live will give you a laugh but also makes you think about life. Sometimes, we take life way too seriously… so… go wild and live like a cat sometimes!

The Evolved Parent Co. – ChewBox

Have you ever noticed how many baby rattles are not all that lightweight or easy for newborns to grasp? The Chew Box by Evolved Parent Co. offers six fun-shaped, food-grade silicone teethers for even the smallest infants. Even a two-month-old can hold on to the animal and fruit-themed teethers in the ChewBox. Mom, they can even be thrown in the dishwasher for easy sanitizing! Evolved Parent Co. makes products for babies but products that make parenting easier as well!

Adora My Cuddle Coo Baby

This sweet, delightful, interactive baby doll is perfect for your child. With a soft, cuddly body that kids just love, the Cuddle & Coo Sweet Dreams Baby Doll encourages open-ended play and unlimited nurturing. Your child will be excited about this baby doll’s five touch-activated features. Kiss a Cuddle & Coo Baby and she’ll kiss you right back! Tickle her tummy and she’ll giggle with delight. Squeeze her hand and she will cry… but a pat on the head will make it all ok! With included batteries, an on/off switch, lifelike baby powder scent, open and close eyes, removable clothing, this 15” blonde hair (or brunette depending on which you choose), blue-eyed baby will be loved from day one! Besides, who can resist such a sweet, adorable face?!


Slammers Snacks

Want a healthy snack to throw in your child’s stocking this year in place of candy? No need to have your child miss out on great flavor… Slammers Snacks have a ton of flavor that kids love. My daughter has approved! She isn’t a fan of veggies but she sucked them down and is always asking for more Snack Slammers. Slammers Snacks are organic, include NO artificial flavors or dyes, no peanuts, are gluten-free, and are high on antioxidants and proteins. What a great way to sneak fruits and veggies into your child’s daily diet. It’s a win for moms AND kids!

My Big Wimmelbooks

There is SO much to look at and talk about in The Big Wimmelbooks! These books are great ones to have around for the times when you want to spark some great conversations with your children. Let your child’s imagination soar. Have them create a storyline. You can also use the Wimmelbooks to talk about safety, hard life lessons, and the many jobs out there. Choose between, A Day at the Zoo, Cars That Go, On the FarmFiretrucks, and several others.

Brio – My First Farm

For any child, imaginative interactive play is such a great thing, especially for little ones. The My First Farm Set by Brio is such a great way to challenge your little one to use their imagination while letting them actively play. Designed for kids 3 and up, it features a train engine and animal wagon with various animals, an interactive farm and a track! Just place one of the animals in the farm slot to hear the sound of that same animal! Even better, this set is compatible with all of the Brio railway toys, meaning that as your child grows, so can their train set!

Premium Joy Foam Building Blocks

Kids love to use their imagination when they are given the opportunity. Building with blocks has ben around for many generations and will likely continue for many generations to follow. It is just what kids do! A block set full of shapes plus made of a durable (but soft foam) is a winner for me. I have had enough kids in my hoe mover the years to know that blocks get thrown. These foam blocks prevent accidents and damage from occurring. They all come in a reusable clear tote so the blocks can even go to grandma’s house! 

All Around Bustletown 

Does anyone else love a book with detailed photos? I love how it gives great conversation to our reading time. My daughter is learning to read so All Around Bustletown is a great book to read. She can read a little and then have a bit of a break while we talk about all the details in the pictures. It gives her time to let her imagination run wild!

Littlebeam Nursing Pillows

The best products are typically ones designed by those who would need the products the most. Littlebeam Nursing Pillow was created by a lactation consultant. She would most definitely know what the best shape and size nursing pillows would be beneficial to moms who are nursing their sweet baby. The pillow is compact and can be used in any position to create the most comfortable position for both mom and baby. Why not add the ease of a machine washable cover to make life even easier for mom!

How Winston Delivered Christmas

Do you have a Christmas tradition that allows you to celebrate Christmas for the whole month of December without having to spend a bunch of money each day? Here is a new tradition you can begin with your child. The book, How Winston Delivered Christmas is a 24 and a half day advent book. Starting on December 1st, you and your child can read one chapter of the book. It will give your child something to look forward to and spark their excitement for Christmas Day without the focus being on a gift a day like most Advent calendars!

Norman & Gabby Books

Especially if you have been to any of Ripley’s Aquariums, you will really appreciate these books. Join Norman and Gabby (the Ripley’s Aquarium mascots) in colorful illustrations of some very funny kid-friendly situations. These would also be awesome books to give if you are planning to give Ripley’s Aquarium tickets to your kids for Christmas! Slide the tickets in the front cover and you have a gift that will be loved on Christmas and great memories to come during your visit to meet Norman & Gabby!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odd Opposites and Funny Feelings

Kids have many emotions. Don’t we all? The problem with kid’s emotions is that they often don’t understand why they have all these big new feelings. The Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Funny Feelings Books bring to light all of those feelings so kids see that they are normal. It is a great way to start talking to your children at a young age about being happy, sad, scared, and many more “big” feelings.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odd Opposites has some hilarious drawings to show children opposites. With two very extreme opposites such as clean and dirty, the book gives a very clear picture of how they can be so different!

Portable North Pole 

Portable North Pole is such an awesome idea for kids!! Just by adding a few simple answers, the Portable North Pole will create a personalized video from Santa to your child. It isn’t like many other videos I have seen before. These videos are very realistic looking and Santa isn’t just an animation. Santa encourages good behavior and creates excitement about Christmas Day. With the Premium version, kids will even receive a call from Santa during one of their videos.
Working hand in hand with the videos, Portable North Pole has many different products for sale. We got the possible Elf which allows us to move the Elf around each day since Santa’s Elves are watching for good behavior. We also received a top-notch Christmas Activity Book full of Christmas games, great for traveling. Don’t forget a fluffy, squishy version of one of Santa’s reindeer.

Cutie Pea Diapers & Wipes 

Taking a baby to the store is not just a hassle but it is also not always the smartest thing to do when it is really cold, a lot of sicknesses are going around, and when it is raining. Between diapers, wipes, and formula, I feel like I’m constantly making a Walmart run. Cutie Pea allows me to stay at home and have those diapers and wipes delivered right to my door. It’s a great gift for an expecting mom or even a gift for a baby who already received everything they need from the 700 baby showers they had for them!

Aside from Cutie Pea being convenient, the diapers and wipes are better for your baby and the environment! Made from bamboo, Cutie Pea products are approved by dermatologists for being hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and fragrance-free. I know I would be more than happy for someone to gift our little one with diapers and wipes that are good for him and our environment (and convenient for me).

Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime

We are sticklers for family tradition. Bedtime is one of those where we typically stick to a routine. When I read about the Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime, I knew this would make a perfect addition to our nighttime routine. We often have foster children in our care who are extra scared at night time. Snuggle Monster is the opposite. He is scared of the light. Before bedtime, hide Snuggle Monster in your child’s room. Read a book to your child just before going on an adventure of a little game of hide and seek to find Snuggle Monster. Now, have your little one climb up in bed and snuggle up with Snuggle Monster. He is a great companion and will help children to learn that bedtime isn’t scary!

Moosh-Moosh Bank

Children are always so eager to spend every dime that sits in their pockets for more than about three seconds. Having a bank to help them save their money is a great way to work on being patient with spending. Look at this bank from Moosh-Moosh!! Children will be begging to be putting every bit of their change inside these fluffy, squishy bank characters. 

SensaCalm Peaceful Pals – Michael the Weighted Mellow Monkey

Weighted blankets have become the new craze with adults who are looking for some calming in their life. What about babies who need a little extra sense of security. Does your child wake up through the night and just need a little loving from mom or dad? Now, mom and dad can sleep better at night with Michael the Mellow Monkey from SensaCalm’s Peaceful Pals collection. Michael, the Mellow Monkey’s hands are oversized and weighted, perfect to rest on your baby’s back to provide comfort all night long! Peaceful Pals come in both a three and a five-pound weight. With the waterproof fabric, Peaceful Pals can even comfort a crying, drooling, snotty-nosed baby needing a little hug. Just throw it in the wash and it will be good as new! Check out the other Peaceful Pal friends from SensaCalm!

PuroBasic Headphones  

Do you find yourself telling your kids to turn their volume down because it will hurt their ears? Yeah, me too! This is why I love PuroBasic. Aside from quality-made headphones that are durable enough for even my six-year-old, PuroBasic has my child’s hearing in mind! Clear sound doesn’t have to come with the LOUD sound. Your kids can enjoy the best of both worlds. Quality sound without having to crank the volume up. PuroBasic Headphones limit the decibels to not exceed 85 decibels. Thank you PuroBasic for providing me with such a healthier alternative for my kid’s headphones!

Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

If you didn’t get a good baby carrier for a baby shower, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to splurge on a good one! There is a big difference between “a” baby carrier and “A NICE” baby carrier. The Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier is a nice pick. Your back will thank you later! The Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier lets you position your baby in all directions which is helpful as the baby gets bigger. During each stage, your baby will want to have more freedom to be turned in different directions. They may want to snuggle up to go to sleep as you shop or they may want to face out to see all the animals at the zoo. It holds 12 pounds all the way up to a 45 pounder! The whole carrier is made of a breathable mesh fabric that keeps the baby (and you) from being soaked with sweat!

Moosh-Moosh Squared

Moosh Moosh is well-loved in my home. I am excited about their new Moosh Moosh Squared. It is the same loved Moosh Moosh plush but now they are going to be even easier to stack. If you know my daughter, her bed is already covered with Moosh-Moosh Plushes.

TeachMy Toddler Bath Time Set

Bath toys are always so fun but add education into the mix and both mom and child will be happy! I also must mention that the TeachMy Toddler Bath Time Set has an incredible price point. It comes with all 26 foam letter blocks along with a target holder for each. Children can use the included squirters to knock down the foam letter targets. Also included is a bath book that goes right along with the theme of the set. Learning will be fun and easy to clean! All the items fit neatly inside the carrying case. All of this for just $9.99. 

Taxi Ride with Victor

Talk about a book full of fun, Taxi Ride with Victor will take your kids on a fun ride through space. Victor is a taxi driver who seems to get lost EVERYWHERE he goes. As he rides through space, he visits places like the dentist (only with aliens as the dentist and patients), the library, and the post office. This comical book will keep your child’s interest and quickly become their favorite book!

Classic Gray with White Frame – 10×10 Inch Felt Letter Board – Easel Stand, 340 Letters and Storage Bag Included

I feel like I’m channeling my inner Joanna with this sweet letter board. Call me crazy but I have secretly been coveting the one in her office since I first saw it! I love how versatile these cute boards are. I can leave a message for the hubs or kids or wish all who enter a glad tiding. I’m loving this board so so much. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t just adore this gift! The possibilities are endless for where you can use this fashionable Felt Letter Board.

Vivobarefoot Ababa Leather Kids

I just loved pull on shoes for my kids when they were younger. It made getting out the door SO much simpler. This leather slip-on from ABABA is going to rock your little one’s world The comfort of these hand-stitched shoes have a super grip to keep the littles from slipping and sliding and they move with your foot! So comfy and cute too boot!

Cali’s Books – Singing Board Books (Holiday Editions)

One of my kid’s favorite teachers sent home a letter every year. At the top of that letter, it said, “Great readers become great leaders!”. I believe there is much truth to that. The earlier you can get children to fall in love with reading, the better! Cali’s Books are here to stay! Made with the utmost attention to detail and high quality, your children and grandchildren will have these books to enjoy for generations! Teaching children to interact with books is essential in training them to love to learn. There is truly nothing you can’t learn if you love to read. With the interactive nature of Cali’s Books, children will turn each page anticipating the new adventure they will find waiting! Give your children the gift of the printed page this year and watch their imagination begin to flourish!

The Evolved Parent Co. – Super Spoon & Baby Bottom Buddy

Looking for a gift for that mom to be on your Christmas list this year? The Evolved Parent is revolutionizing how we think about pretty much anything baby-related! The Super Spoon and baby Bottom Buddy are going to make baby’s life easier while eating and mom (or dad’s) life easier while changing. The new mom in your life will be thrilled when she gets to break these groundbreaking baby items in!

SensaCalm Chewies

Here’s the perfect gift for the expectant or new mom in your life. We all know babies are happier at a certain age when they have something to chew on SensaCalm has designed the perfect chewy for chunky little hands. Keep baby satisfied and teach help them develop the necessary skills at the same time!

Adora Sunshine Friend Rae

Adora has delivered yet again this Christmas! My little lady absolutely LOVES her Adora dolls and she is going to have some fun playtime with Rae! Sunshine friends have three different variations which include blonde, brunette, and black hair. The best part, her bathing suit changes colors when it gets in the sun! How fun is that?! My princess loves going to the beach and Rae is going to help her pretend she’s there this winter! 

Pound Puppies

Boy, oh boy! This brings back some great childhood memories! Pound Puppies are BACK for your children to enjoy, the same way you did when you were little!! They look and feel just like the ones you played with as a child. Adopt a pound puppy today and give your child lasting memories!



Essential Oils… Oh, how I love thee! I can not say enough about the healing powers of the things we find naturally around us. I have diffusers in my office, my kitchen, my dining room, bedroom, bathroom… pretty much every room. I have rollers for immediate relief. That is one of the things I love most about essential oils, they are versatile and totally mobile. I never have to leave home without my blend for anxiety or allergies. If you’ve never tried essential oils, what are you waiting on? You can thank me later!

Quarto First Concept Bath Books – Colors & Shapes  

Reading is fun no matter where you are… even in the bath! The First Concept Bath Books make bath time more fun AND educational. For those little “readers” who don’t want to put the book down (even before they learn to read), no problem. They can splash around and see all the fun colors and shapes while they get clean.

Zak Toy Story Divider Plate, Thermos, and Mealtime Set

Toy Story fans!!! Get your kids excited about meal time with the Toy Story themed dinnerware set, divided plates, and stainless steel bottle. They will be sure to clear their plates to see Buzz, Woody, and friends! How about having a child sized bowl of popcorn while watching Toy Story? You KNOW your little one will love these products! 

Artistic Atmosphere Unicorn Letters

Felt boards mixed with unicorns… what more can you ask for. Felt boards have become such a fun way to say what you want to say. Between using for decor in your home or office and using a felt board to create your very own unique Instagram post, Artistic Atmosphere has plain white lettering or this fun, unicorn colored 2-inch lettering. Thank you Artistic Atmosphere for providing the felt board to make this gift guide fun! (The felt board used in many of the photos in this post was provided by Artistic Atmosphere.) 

Keababies Baby Wrap Carrier

baby wearing

There are few things as sweet as the bond between a baby and their parent. It melted my heart every time my babies would swing their little noggin around to hear my voice. The Keababies Baby Wrap Carrier enhances that bonding time by allowing you to keep the baby close while you go about your normal daily routine. It can also be used to allow you to nurse your baby discreetly while in public because we all know when a baby is hungry – the baby has to eat! This would be a great gift for the expectant mom on your list this Christmas!

Hoopman! Portable Basketball Goal

Ciao! Has offered baby portable high chairs for a while now but they have something new for the bigger little kiddos. Perfect for toddlers and younger grade school-aged children, the Hoopman! Portable Basketball Goal will be a slam dunk this Christmas! Weighing just five pounds, this basketball goal folds up just like a camping chair, making it easy to play on the go. Bring it to a park, play a game at the grandparent’s house, or simply take it inside on a rainy day for a fun, indoor game of ball!

YETI Rambler Jr. 12oz Kids Bottle

Oh goodness you guys, how precious is this? YETI has thought of everything now! Junior can now have a cup just like dad (or the diva can match her queen). The only thing small about these cups is the size. Still the same high quality that YETI never fails to deliver. Keep milk or your ice water cold for hours on end. With a variety of colors, no more “he got my cup – she got mine!” arguments. Everyone has their color – LOVE it!

Go Fun Face

What kid doesn’t love to make-believe? With Go Fun Face, they can transform into a roaring lion or a silly monkey! These high-quality animal masks are made of a foam rubber material. They are soft, very durable, and even easier to wash! Help your child spark their imagination with one of the seventeen Go Fun Face Animals and Mystical Creature Masks! Great for parties, dress-up, and just plain ole playtime!

The Best Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug

What kid does not love chocolate milk? Now, with the Best Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug, you and your child can enjoy chocolate milk! Kids are always messy but with this mug, there are no worries. The Best Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug is drop safe, leak-proof, and dishwasher safe! Just add your choice of chocolate mix, pour the milk, and enjoy! Let the Best Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug do the mixing for you, without the mess!

ZizzyBee Bags

Stuff, Stuff everywhere is how I have felt lately. Fostering a newborn and having a daughter in 1st grade, a son in 7th, and another son as a junior in high school, makes our life have a lot of “stuff”. Our kids are all at different phases in life which requires a lot of organization. ZizzyBee Bags helps us eliminate some of the chaos in life! Baby’s must-have items like his nail clippers, nasal aspirator, an extra pacifier (why do they always disappear?), and a small bottle of lotion all get thrown in one ZizzyBee Bag and then into the diaper bag. We know exactly where it is at all times. The bags are washable which makes it really convenient to use when my boys use them to haul their pens and pencils for school.  

Kid Proof Fabric Treatment and Fabric Protection

kid proof

Unlike other protectants, Kid Proof doesn’t use fluorocarbons, acetone, or naphtha! This protectant utilizes nanotechnology to safely seal your cloth and leather seats. It even works just as well in your home on upholstery and carpets! Kid Proof also works for pet areas, or where your husband sits!

Paramount’s Wonder Park

Wonder Park’s lead character, June, is a young girl with an imagination full of extremely creative ideas. She and her mother create an imaginary amusement park, called Wonderland. When life throws a curveball for June, she faces the decision to give up or keep living out the dreams of creating her own amusement park. Follow June and her furry friends on their adventure and learn just how June faces her inner battles! This will be a movie that gets put in the DVD player time and time again, as it has in my own home!

People Toy Co. Working Cars

Creation Station here we come! People Toy Co. has done it again. I can’t wait to see my nephew’s chunky little hands exploring with these magnetic-car-shaped blocks. Toys that encourage imaginative play are number one in my opinion and these cars deliver high quality on top of creativity! These blocks are going to be a huge hit for many years to come!

Rheos Baby Floating Sunglasses

Oh goodness! I think I’m in cuteness overload right now! How precious is one little guy going to look in these super fashionable sunglasses! Rheos has a huge selection, so you can find the perfect shades for your little one! No more diving to the bottom of the pool when the glasses get thrown… these will float until you can get them!

Shore Buddies Stuffed Animal & Storybook Set

I love it when companies reuse items that most of us toss and never think about again. Shore Buddies is creating these super cute and cuddly stuffed animals and the only problem you’re going to have is picking which one. My daughter’s best friend LOVES turtles and she is going to LOVE getting Shelly for Christmas and my daughter will LOVE giving it to her. Shore Buddies knows that giving is better than receiving as well. Buy your favorite marine stuffy and help save marine life.

The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection

Bring Christmas magic to your home for years to come with The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection. The book inspires one to believe in the magic of Christmas. Follow along with Victoria, Joseph, and John as they gather around the fireplace to hear their father’s story about this favorite Christmas ornament. The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection provides you with your very own magic ornament to hang on your tree for the Christmas season. What magic will it bring to your home? This set will become a tradition passed on from you to your children and then you will find your children reading the book to their children!

Zoku Easy Clean Flip Gulp

What is about cute drinking cups that call our name? We have a cabinet full of water bottles and “special cups” that haven’t lived up to the hype they came with. This super cute Flip Gulp from Zoku can stand tall in my cabinet! Great quality with all of the cuteness we crave. The little lady of the house is going to LOVE pulling this cup out of her stocking this year!

Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair  

I know I’m not the only one who loves it when I can buy one item and it serves multiple purposes! Less money. Less space. Win-Win. This high chair from Abiie is one of those products! This chair can literally go from baby to grandpa fulfilling needs. A high chair, booster, desk chair, and dining chair ALL IN ONE! This is a super gift for any moms on your list.

5 Wild Shapes Book  

This is such a fun book. Aside from how absolutely colorful it is, the 5 Wild Shapes Book gives children a chance to not just read but to explore and play as they go. Each page of this heavy-duty board book provides children with a new shape to explore. Each shape has sliding discs inside it to create a very interactive way of reading and exploring.

Quarto Bright Start Books  

The Bright Start Books immediately grabbed my eyes before ever even opening the cover. It wasn’t even the title or the image on the front of the book that grabbed me. The quality of the books are exceptional. It has a sophisticated, durable, high-quality cover that you can tell is made to last through multiple children. Pictures do not do justice showing the textured, quality cover. Once looking past the cover itself, I began to read and fell even more in love with this series. It teaches great ethics to even the littlest of kids.

Tales From Nature Ladybug & Bee  

Exploring nature is one sure way to get your child to love the outdoors. What about those times that they can’t get out to explore? Well, bring it inside with the Tales From Nature series. Little boys and girls will enjoy the colorful illustrations and engage in learning more about the creatures in nature. Then, when they CAN go back outside, they will enjoy going on hunts to look for the bugs and animals they learned all about in reading.

Dylan the Dump Truck  

Oh, I know two little boys who love everything truck-related. Dylan the Dump Truck will be wrapped under the tree for them this year. I can only imagine the excitement when their mom reads them the story of Dylan as he finds out what all a dump truck’s responsibilities are.

Swaddle Designs LLC

Picking a gift for a baby can be harder than it looks. What all does the baby already have? What does the baby actually need? Every parent can always use more quality baby towels and washcloths.

Although the baby on your list may have a few baby blankets, a high-quality blanket (for a great price) will get used. Parents will fall in love with the prints of the Swaddle Design products. They will quickly become the first pick when it comes time to snuggle up a baby. The Swaddlers from Swaddle Design are top-notch. No more needing to wrap a baby in a blanket to swaddle them! Use the Swaddle Design swaddlers for easy and convenient swaddling.

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