Overcoming Bath Time Fears, Encouraging Speech With Tomy Toys

Bath Time Fun and Talking Toys by Tomy Toys Helps Little Ones Overcome Bath Time Fears and Encourages Speech

Sometimes our little guys need a little encouragement in two areas. Learning to talk and get over their fears of the bath. Tomy Toys’ Foam Cone Factory gets your children excited about bath time. Repeat Petey by Tomy Toys will do a mighty fine job at getting your little one talking in no time. 

Bath time fears

Get Rid of Bath Time Fears

Giving a child something to look forward to in the tub helps them forget the fears they once had. Toys that keep their focus off of the tub full of water like the Foam Cone Factory are a great addition to your bathtub. Foam Cone Factory is suctioned to the wall of the tub which draws your child’s attention to something other than the intimidating standing water they are submerged in.

Bath time fears

Foam Cone Factory is a pretend ice cream maker. Parents can add a small amount of bubble bath and water to the top of the cone. Placing one of the three flat-bottomed cones (that sit easily on the shelves in the bathtub), the children just have to pull the lever to create their own “ice cream”. Then on to the sprinkle maker…. your kids will enjoy completing their very own ice-cream cone creation. 

Encouraging Conversation

Kids learn to talk from hearing others talk to them. They also can learn and even correct their own speech from hearing themselves talk. Repeat Petey is a squishy fun toy that repeats everything back to the child. It will repeat anything from a parents voice to the squeals of a baby, jibber jabber of an infant to the words of a young toddler. Every sound is a lesson to a baby and toddler! 

Bath time fears

Repeat Petey Features:

  • interesting textures
  • contrast patterns
  • surprise crinkles
  • Petey’s squeaky nose
  • chime when shaken

The bright colors and the unique textures mixed with the exciting sounds will keep your little one interested in hearing more of what Repeat Petey has to say.

Bath time fears

Finding solutions to each obstacle you may face as a parent can be a battle. Once you find something that works, you will be so glad you worked so hard to find a solution. Let Tomy Toys be a playful solution to your obstacles.

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