Weighted Blankets Help Foster Children Feel More Secure

Weighted Blankets Give Foster Children Security

Being a mom isn’t all about conceiving and giving birth to your flesh and blood. Although that is how most people experience motherhood, it is not how ALL experience it. I have three children, all three adopted. I am beyond blessed. 

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Motherhood doesn’t consist of all happy moments. I know all children experience their own fair share of struggles, but adopted children and especially foster children have their own kind of challenges. Being a foster mom is extremely rewarding but very trying at times. There are many difficult moments that a foster mother battles compared to moms with only biological children. Finding ways to help foster children process and feel secure is beyond important.

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One thing I have researched after my own battle with anxiety is the benefits of weighted blankets. I quickly realized that weighted blankets were NOT just for adults but have been proven to help children who suffer from anxiety. ALL children come into foster care feeling insecure and anxious whether they come to us with a chemical balance causing anxiety or from them struggling with being anxious from the many changes they experience when leaving their home and being placed into a new home.

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Having a weighted blanket on hand for any hard “first nights” (and second, and third, and one hundred nights) in our home was important to me. Children do not know how to express their feelings. I remember vividly the night my daughter came to us. She was not quite two (the youngest foster child we have had). She was terrified but I finally got her down to sleep. I laid in bed most of the night wishing I could magically take away all of her fears. I couldn’t but if I could, I would have in a heartbeat! It is really a hard thing to experience but so worth it in the end. 

My daughter was scared and did not want anyone near her. A weighted blanket can be the arms that you aren’t allowed to be. The blanket comforts them when they may not want anyone to physically be near them. Night time is always extra hard on foster children. Knowing that I can help them feel secure by providing them with a SensaCalm weighted blanket will help this mama rest easier. 

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About SenaCalm Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets from SensaCalm come in a variety of sizes, weights, colors, and patterns. They are great for those with anxiety, those suffering from autism, foster children battling the fears of transition and loneliness, and more! I received the lap pad which can be used across the lap or around the shoulders. The lap pad has individual tightly stitched squares that are filled to weight the blanket evenly. The stitching of the blanket is very well done. I have no concerns about it breaking open during normal wear and tear. 

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I am so glad to have a SensaCalm lap pad to use with my daughter but also have on standby for our next foster child. You never know when you might get a call and what challenges await.

*Note: Weighted blankets should not be used for a baby. Please check with SensaCalm for details on suggested ages and weight before purchasing.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! My daughter suffers from stress and anxiety. I think these might help her.

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