A Scary “New Normal” for Foster Children

A Scary “New Normal” for Foster Children

Have you ever thought about what life is like for a foster child? Here they have been taken from their parents, placed with perfect strangers, given a new bed to sleep in, and so much more. Putting your self in their shoes helps put things into perspective.

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Foster Care Movie, Instant Family

Foster Care Movie, Instant Family

I had heard great things about the movie, Instant Family. Many people know our story and after seeing it in theaters, told us we needed to be sure to watch it. Sometimes, you see movies that are very specific to a topic such as a war movie or even a romance movie and you KNOW that it is so far from what would really happen. The producers of Instant Family hit the nail on the head!

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Trash Bags? NO WAY! I Will NOT Allow It!

No Trash Bags When Leaving My Home… Foster Care Bags

A trash bag. A trash bag? Yes, that’s what they came with… if anything. Being a foster mom, I’ve seen kids come with absolutely nothing. My daughter came with trash bags full of miscellaneous belongings that didn’t even fit her or pertain to her. Most clothing was stained or torn. She came to us dressed in little boy clothing. So, why trash bags? It’s the easiest and quickest way for social services to bring their belongings from point A to point B. Most items that make it from point A to point B are unusable, making it up to the foster parents to provide quality clothing for each child within hours of the children entering their home.

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Hard Moments While Being a Foster Mom

Difficult Moments of a Foster Mom 

I really do love being a foster mom. Sometimes, I have to convince myself how much I love it but those are typically in the hard moments that I face. Most would say that giving a child back is a hard moment. It is… but the day in and day out moments often are what hurts my heart most. One particular time that always seems to be the most heart wrenching.

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Weighted Blankets Help Foster Children Feel More Secure

Weighted Blankets Give Foster Children Security

Being a mom isn’t all about conceiving and giving birth to your flesh and blood. Although that is how most people experience motherhood, it is not how ALL experience it. I have three children, all three adopted. I am beyond blessed. 

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