Are You a Superhero Mom Like Elastigirl on Incredibles 2 Movie?

Incredibles 2 Movie Elastigirl is a Superhero Mom

Do you ever wish that as a mom you could be a superhero? When I think of superheroes, I automatically think of cartoon characters. Often, as a woman, my mind automatically goes to Batgirl and Super Girl. However, I can relate a whole lot more to Elastigirl from both Incredibles and the new Incredibles 2 Movie that will be released on June 15th! She isn’t just a superhero, she is a MOM superhero! To me, that is the ultimate superhero!

Incredibles 2 Movie

Think about Elastigirl. She is a superhero with special powers. She was a very active Superhero but when she started having children, she realized that she needed to set aside her own powers and thrills of her doing superhero activities to be a good mom. She put meals on the table and went to school conferences. She did everything “typical of motherhood”. She managed her home and did her best to keep her thrill-seeking husband from chasing after putting his family at risk when HE wanted nothing more than to stay active as a superhero. 

Incredibles 2 Movie

When her husband got in way over his head, regardless of her aggravation with him, she was there, ready to defend and help her husband. Then, the kids came to help their mom save their dad and wound up in a bad spot. Elastigirl did everything in her power to use her superpowers and encourage her children to use their known and even hidden powers to keep them ALL safe. Elastigirl “stretched” herself further than others for the benefit of her family.

Incredibles 2 Movie

Does that sound like you as a mom? Do you spend time encouraging your children to use all their talents to be everything they can possibly be? Do you work tirelessly to keep your home in order (everything clean, everyone fed, raising happy and healthy children)? Do you fight with everything you have to keep your family safe? Do you put aside your desires and dreams to make sure your family has all they need physically and emotionally?


Incredibles 2 Movie

Let me say that again… YOU. ARE. A. SUPERHERO!

While you are giving your children the best of the best in all aspects, what about some fun new toys to remind them that they too can be a superhero like Elastigirl and Violet? Check out these new Incredibles 2 Movie Themed Toys!

Incredibles 2 MovieIncredible and Mr. Incredible Junior Supers Vehicle and Figure Assortment and 

Elasticycle and Elastigirl Junior Supers Vehicle

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible are ready to defend their family with their vehicles which fire projectiles! Watch out as they come to the rescue with rotating flames, launchers, and firing projectiles! 

Elastigirl’s sidecar detaches just like in the movie and the wheels extend!

Power Couple

Act out scenes in the movie with the Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl pair of poseable action figures. Mr. Incredible even talks when you press the Incredibles logo on his shirt. The pair goes into action by Mr. Incredible launching Elastigirl through the air in a slingshot movement! All you have to do is load, pull back, and sling!

Stretching and Speeding Elasticycle 

This toy may be my daughter’s favorite of them all. Just having a motorcycle that she can put Elastigirl on is entertaining enough for her but then you add in that she can crank up the handle and send Elastigirl on her motorcycle all by itself!

Incredibles 2 Movie

Incredibles 2 Movie


Incredibles Elasti-Arm

Don’t you wish you could stretch yourself the way Elastigirl does? Now, your kids can wear the Elasti-Arm and see what it is like to stretch like Elastigirl!

Jack-Jack Attacks  

Jack-Jack learned of his hidden powers at the end of the first Incredibles movie. This Incredibles toy shows off all of Jack-Jack’s powers. His face turns red with fiery flames and his eyes become piercing lasers! Jack-Jack also has his raccoon friend that rattles.

Mini Supers Blind Boxes

You never know what you may get with the mystery box containing one of the Mini Supers. The best part is that they are all good and it gives you a chance to collect them ALL! You children can play with them or set them on a shelf to be used for decoration. 

Elastigirl Costumed Action Figure (also available in Violet and Edna)

My daughter loved the first Incredibles Movie and is stoked to go see the new Incredibles 2 Movie in June. Elastigirl is her favorite. She was beyond thrilled when I gave her the Elastigirl Action Figure. Her mask can be taken on and off depending on if my daughter is pretending that she is the “mom” or “Elastigirl”.

Incredibles 2 Movie

Don’t miss out on all the fun Incredibles 2 Movie toys from JAKKS!

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