Panty Hose Alternative 

Written by April

If you’re looking for a comfortable, yet stylish alternative to the traditional knee hi and your panty hose, look no further. I have a solution; Boottights!

Panty Hose Alternative

Boottights have a revolutionary design that includes a sock sewn into the knee hi, over the knee sock design, and their premium tights. You no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style. Choose between Southern Comfort or Women at Work Collections. No matter which collection you choose, you’ll be able to wear your boots, dress shoes or ankle boots with the “most comfortable socks on the planet”!

Panty Hose Alternative

I am famous for wearing socks. I wear them with flip flops or cowgirl boots. It’s just who I am. However, I’ve come to terms with the fact that argyle socks do not always look good with dress clothes. That’s why I was thrilled to find Boottights. Now I have multiple colors and patterns to choose from and I’m prepared to dress for any occasion.

Panty Hose Alternative

Here are a few of my favorite designs

  • Over-the-knee features a knit cuff that folds down. Position the cuff over the top of the boot or push them down and wear them with ankle boots for an entirely different look.
  • The Knee-hi socks provide a sleek classy design perfect for shorter skirts or wear over skinny jeans with boots. The lacy cuff adds a delicate charm to any outfit.
  • Boot Tights are incredibly soft and comfy. If you need a little extra support you’ll love the control top and non-roll waistband. These tights are 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex. They also include the performance ankle sock that keeps your feet happy all day long.
Panty Hose Alternative

All Boottights Feature

  • Sleek stay-up compression design with no added bulk
  • Mesh ventilation zone
  • Moisture wicking fibers
  • Cushioning toe and heel arch support
Panty Hose Alternative

There are so many unique styles and colors to choose from. Head over and view the entire selection. You’re going to love Boottights!

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