Snoopy, Rides, and Family Time Make a Perfect Day at Carowinds Theme Park

Camp Snoopy is Now Open at Carowinds Theme Park

Who doesn’t love a good theme park? Many of the top parks across the country offer something for nearly everyone. Whether it is a high-speed rollercoaster for the adrenaline junkie, amazing food for the foodie or other shows or musical attractions for adults, there is a little bit of something for all the older people.

Camp Snoopy

As we have visited different parks, often times the little ones get left out and are forced to be more of a tag along instead of a park guest. Carowinds, located on the border of North and South Carolina near Charlotte, has fixed this problem, making it a perfect getaway day for our WHOLE family. The all-new Camp Snoopy is officially open!

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Now, please understand, our family has loved Carowinds! Our 15-year-old son could practically live on Fury and Dropzone. He has ridden every coaster in the park and loves them all! This past year our 11-year-old broke the height barrier giving his older brother an adrenaline buddy to ride with.

Check out a little snapshot of all the fun we had at Carowinds!

On one particular visit, it was a little dreary and cool out. Our boys rode Fury nine times that day, not to mention the multiple rides on other coasters as well. So as you can imagine, just mentioning Carowinds gets their heart pumping and their excitement rolling!

Camp Snoopy

Camp Snoopy Section at Carowinds Theme Park

For our 4-year-old, like many theme parks, there wasn’t a tremendous amount of things for her to do. Don’t get me wrong she loved all the lights but many times it was a nice long ride in her stroller!

Camp Snoopy

When we got to Camp Snoopy, it became apparent very quickly that this was the place to be for the smaller guys and girls. Having just opened in the spring of this year, everything was fresh and new and with 6 brand new attractions, we were all ready for a day of fun adventure and memories with our little one!

Camp Snoopy

Some of her favorites were the kite-eating tree (an extremely scaled back 20-foot version of Drop Zone), Woodstock Whirlybirds ( a classic teacup ride), and Peanuts Trailblazers (an off-road adventure with some pretty quick corners). I can tell you that each time we rolled around the corner on the Peanuts Trailblazer ride, the belly laughs coming from our daughter were absolutely priceless!

Camp Snoopy

She also really enjoyed Peanuts Pirates. Each unexpected turn brought on a huge smile and giggle! Camp Snoopy even has not one but TWO roller coasters, Wilderness Run and the Woodstock Express for even the little thrill seekers in the group!

Camp Snoopy

Another thing we enjoyed was the many sights of Snoopy and his Peanut gang! From the Dance parties to meet and greets, to just looking at all the fantastic Peanut decor through the area, it kept our daughter entertained between attractions and while waiting for the next ride.

Camp Snoopy

As the evening began to set in, we made our way over to the Beagle Scout areas. This 8,000 square foot play area provided an amazing play area for the little ones while giving Mom and Dad a great place to catch a breather. From slides to rock walls, seesaws to sandboxes, it had a little bit of everything to keep the kiddos entertained and wrap up an amazing day.

Camp Snoopy

Now when we talk of Carowinds we have three, not just two kiddos that are ready and anxious to go back. One visit to Camp Snoopy and your little one will be begging for more too!

Camp Snoopy

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4 thoughts on “Snoopy, Rides, and Family Time Make a Perfect Day at Carowinds Theme Park

  1. I haven’t heard of Carowinds Theme Park, but it would be a fun place to visit. I think it’s awesome they have Camp Snoopy!

  2. I took my boys to Carowinds when they were little and now my granddaughters are old enough for me to take them.

  3. I never knew about this place but it looks so fun. I am going to have to check it out with the kids. Should be a blast. Thanks for the info.

  4. I like that they have rides that the whole family can enjoy, from the littlest to the biggest.

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