Half a Dozen Health Benefits of Pogo Sticks

Pogo Stick Health Benefits 

Pogo sticks may be a nostalgic type of toy but are you aware of just how much pogo sticks have significant health benefits? When I was a kid, I had no clue how much it helped my health. I was just worried about having fun. That is the best part, your kids will get a great workout without even realizing it! I am going to share with you pogo stick health benefits you will find. You may be a little surprised!

pogo stick health benefits

Pogo sticks were invented and patented back in 1918 by Ger Hansburg. The Original Pogo Stick Company, Flybar now has more than just pogo sticks but despite the excitement over the new products, pogo sticks are still sold, used and LOVED by children of all ages (and even adults can get in on the action). Flybar now is considered a “sporting goods company”. 

pogo stick health benefits

Now on to the health benefits that a pogo stick brings. There are six major health benefits we will discuss. These health benefits are not only for kids but also for adults who join in on the fun! Although a six-year-old may not see that the need for all of these health benefits, creating a healthy routine is important. 

pogo stick health benefits

Healthy Heart

Jumping on a pogo stick will most definitely get your heart pumping. You will see that getting out of breath is a pretty normal thing when jumping on a pogo stick. Your heart is a muscle, therefore, it needs exercise to keep it strong. By increasing the blood flow to your heart, your heart will pump faster, and in turn, will give your heart the workout it desperately needs. Getting in your cardio each day will help decrease your chances of heart disease and obesity. 

pogo stick health benefits

Strengthening Leg Muscles

Your legs will be in shape in no time flat if you are faithful to use your pogo stick. Pogo sticks especially work your quadriceps and calves. 

Tone Your Core

Balance is everything when it comes to jumping on a pogo stick. You may not have the best balance before you start exercising with your pogo stick but the more you jump, the better your balance will get. So, what does that have to do with your core? Your core muscles are what help you balance. By being better at balancing, your core is getting stronger and stronger. 

pogo stick health benefits

Strengthen Your Back Muscles

You may think that your back muscles are the same as your core muscles. That is part true, part false. Your lower back muscles and your lats (your outer-middle part of your back) is part of your core. Jumping on a pogo stick strengthens more than just the core back muscles. When you are jumping on the pogo stick, your back is what is stabilizing you. Your rhomboids, deltoids, latissimus dorsi, and trapezius will all strengthen as you jump. Make sure you try to keep good posture while jumping to prevent injury to your back muscles. 

Firm Your Glutes

The more forceful you jump and the higher you jump will increase the benefits a pogo stick will have on your gluteal muscles. Jumping higher and more forceful will come as you get more experienced on your pogo stick. 

pogo stick health benefits

Fight Depression

Anytime you can mix outdoor activities with exercise, you will find it easier to fight depression. Vitamin D plays a major role in mental health. So, get outside as much as possible but don’t just be outside. Get active! An active lifestyle helps combat depression greatly!

pogo stick health benefits

Here is a weight and age guide for the different pogo sticks shown.

pogo stick health benefits

Although your child may not care about toning their glutes, one day they will. Help them get a jump on tightening, strengthening, and toning all the muscles in their body at an early age. 

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13 thoughts on “Half a Dozen Health Benefits of Pogo Sticks

  1. I will never forget how much fun it was to play on a pogo stick when I was growing up. It does have a lot of health benefits and it is a great way to workout for all ages.

  2. This brings me back to when I was a kid! I had a pogo stick that I love to use. It really gets your heart rate up and it’s fun to do.

  3. I have never had the coordination to jump on a pogo stick! I tried every summer and never quite got it. I wonder if I should pick one up for my kids and see if I have better luck now!

  4. This post really does bring back so many childhood memories. I have to add this to my shopping list. My kiddos probably have no idea about them.

  5. I am so curious about this when I first so it but I am scared to try it. I am sure it will be fun to have this!

  6. Gosh! I haven’t been on a pogo stick in years but after reading this I just might have to go in the garage and look for ours. I didn’t realize it was good for toning glutes! I think it is a Flybar, too!

  7. I love jumping on pogo sticks. We have about 3 in our house so we always tend to have a lot of fun with them.

  8. I remember having a pogo stick when I was younger. I am pretty sure it was also from FlyBar. I love seeing companies that stay in business for my children to enjoy the same things from when I was little.

  9. I remember when I was in school and we used pogo sticks. I too was a little worried about falling and didn’t do many jumps at a time. By the way, thanks for this very informative article. Now I choose the best one for my children.

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