Rainy Day Activities With Kids

Rainy days don’t have to spell disaster for moms and kids. In fact, rainy days allow a family to bond with a variety of enjoyable activities. From movies to Monopoly, plenty of rainy day activities exist to keep you entertained for hours.

rainy day activities

Popcorn and a Movie

Create a theater right in your own living room. Put pillows on the floor, dim the lights, and let the good times roll. Have your kids pick a slew of movies, such as the Shrek or Toy Story series, for all day excitement. Choose a variety of healthy snacks like popcorn and trail mix or make homemade ice cream sundaes to keep hungry tummies satisfied.

rainy day activities

Time to Build a Fort

Break out the pillows and blankets and build a homemade fort. Use fun sheets for each kid to create an individual place to play. Pretend to be knights saving a trapped princess from a dragon or ants tunneling in the ground. Get really creative and decorate your fort with streamers and balloons to add fun and flair.

Board Games Equal Classic Fun

Who doesn’t love Candyland, Yahtzee, or Clue? Classic board games can keep a family entertained for hours. Give your brain a workout with the new No Stress Chess by Winning Moves Games. 

unique gifts

No Stress Chess gives even the younger ones a way to play the game of chess. On one side of the board, there are pictures on the chess board to help plan your child’s moves. A deck of cards with specific moves takes the stress out of chess while learning the moves that are acceptable. Once your child (or even adults) have learned the game, they can flip the game board over for a traditional game of chess. 

rainy day activities

With its small carry case, Pass the Pigs is a great game for travel! Players roll pigs instead of traditional dice. Depending on how the pigs land, determines how many points the payer gets. The first player to 100 points wins! 

game time

Scavenger Hunts

Hide toys, books, or other objects all over the house. Give your kids clues such as “You’re getting hot!” or “Almost there!” to encourage them to keep looking. Let the winner of the scavenger hunt hide the items again for others to find. Put a twist on the traditional scavenger hunt by describing objects for your child to find and bring to you. This is not only fun but also educational.

It’s Time To Dance

Dancing is a fantastic way to spend a rainy day and combines exercise with entertainment. Turn off the TV, crank up the tunes, and break out your craziest dance moves. Challenge your kids to keep moving until the music stops or create dance steps based on the rhythm. Alternate between fast and slow-paced songs to keep your kids guessing (and moving).

Let’s Learn to Cook

Even young children can get excited about cooking and baking. Have your child choose a kid-friendly recipe, head to the grocery store (don’t forget your rain boots!), and help her find the ingredients. Allow your child to mix, stir, and pour the ingredients and create a culinary masterpiece. Explain the ingredients and cooking process for an educational and yummy lesson.

rainy day activities

Arts and Crafts

Rainy days can bring out your child’s creative side. Lay out garbage bags, put on smocks, and finger-paint or play with Play-Doh (because you know you were hiding it in the closet since he got it for his birthday). Use old buttons and socks to make puppets and stage a play. A roll of butcher paper has endless possibilities – let kids trace body outlines to decorate or draw a mural for toys to have an adventure in.

rainy day activities

Remember, rainy days don’t have to be boring days. With a little imagination and creativity, your kids will cheer when they hear rain is in the forecast because they know there are some great rainy-day activities in their forecast. And who knows? You just might too.

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  1. We always love spending time in the kitchen baking or finding crafts to keep him entertained. Great ideas for those long rainy days.

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