Alternatives To Sports To Get Kids To Exercise

Alternatives To Sports To Get Kids To Exercise

Exercise is healthy for adults and children alike. With the rates of childhood obesity soaring, it is vital that young kids learn how to be active. The National Institutes of Health suggest that children get at least an hour of daily physical activity to reduce stress, help self-image, maintain a good weight and have proper body development. Sports are often encouraged for young kids, however not everyone enjoys those. There are various other ways that kids can exercise that do not involve sports.

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Dance party

Dancing is an extremely active activity and it counts as exercise, according to KidsHealth. If they are moving to a fast beat, they can definitely work up a sweat and get their exercise in. If you have a child that does not like sports, but loves to dance, then encourage him or her to do so. You can put on music in the house and have everyone dance to it.

Bounce house

Children generally love to bounce in bounce houses. This can be an extremely physical activity and can allow them to get their heart rate up. You can buy a bounce house yourself, or even a trampoline would do. You will also find many businesses that offer bounce houses such as Froggy’s Playhouse and Monkey Joe’s. Look for local businesses near you.

Non-Typical “Bored Games”

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Board games are great for the mind but not always for the body. Games such as Monopoly may help a child learn couting and money management skills but they are not beign physically active while playing the game. So, when you are looking to get your child up and moving, games like Haba’s Rhino Hero is going to be a good one to have on hand. In Rhino Hero, players are taking laps around the table all while trying to keep their character balances so they do not lose the balls they have collected. With each lap, the player can collect a ball to set on top of their character. Meanwhile, the other players are frantically rolling rice to “BOOM” the player out of their turn and give another a chance to collect the balls. 

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A simple playground can provide a great deal of exercise for a child. Children may climb, run and jump on playground equipment. If they keep going, it can indeed provide the exercise that they need. Most local communities offer free playgrounds that you can use.

Pool Time

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If you have a pool or know someone who does, swimming or playing games in the pool can be an incredible form of exercise. The game, Light up Sharks and Minnows from Starlux Games will keep kids moving in the pool. Not only will they have fun while exercising but they will also be making memories with other children. 

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Children may enjoy skating in their communities. They make skates for children of all different ages. You can take them around the community or go with them to a park. Ice skating is another option.


Even your children may enjoy jogging. You can take them with you through a scenic park. Even a fast walk can provide some exercise, especially if the child is just getting started.


Children can be physically active by jumping on their bicycle and riding around. To encourage them, offer to go with them on a bike ride of the neighborhood. They may also enjoy being outside.


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Let’s Play Yoga! is a book directed towards children between the ages of 5-8 years old. In the book, they will learn about 13 different yoga positions that will help them stretch and calm their mind and body. Children can “play yoga” and get some added exercise while also doing some educational reading!

Children need exercise, but they do not have to play sports in order to get it. Try one or more of the above methods with your child. Switch between several different strategies to keep their interest. 

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