I See Me Personalized Books Encourages Learning

It seems like EVERYTHING these days is personalized. Personally, I love the personalization. It adds a unique touch to it. There is more to just preference when it comes to personalized books! Although, I have not found many personalized books that I have felt were truly great quality. I See Me Personalized Books gave me a whole new perspective with their high quality book selections!

Personalized Books

So why is personalizing so beneficial?

Creates Excitement

Anytime a child is included in anything, it adds excitement. Reading is no different. When my son was little, I remember him asking me to tell him a story. If I didn’t start the story with “Once upon a time, there was a boy named Cameron.”, he would ask me to tell a different story. Why? Because he wanted to be included in the story!

I have found when reading books to my daughter, it allows her to become much more engaged in the story when SHE is the lead character

Personalized Books

Allows Your Child to Recognize Their Name

As I read, I try to point out my daughter’s name in her books often! Although she is only 3, she may not know how to spell her entire name but she can point it out in her books. We had a little bit of a late start with her since she came into our care at 18 months old. Reading has helped her tremendously with expanding her vocabulary!

Increases Creativity and Imagination

Being a part of the story allows children to think outside the box. They don’t have to always imagine themselves the way they are. They can pretend to be an astronaut or a doctor. They can live in another country and become a superhero. Although not all characters in books are obtainable, it stretches your child’s mind to think outside life as they know it!

I See Me Personalized Valentine Edition Book and Sticker Set

I See Me’s “Who Loves Me” personalized book not only includes your child’s name but those who love your child. When ordering the Valentine’s edition, you can add multiple names of who to include in the book. With a lyrical rhyme and colorful pictures, your child will fully engage in this book all about who loves them!¬†

Personalized Books

I See Me Personalized Lunch Boxes

These lunch boxes are so much fun! Not only are they personalized on the outside but they also have a chalkboard on the front inside! The chalkboard allows you to make it even more personalized with EVERY use! Add a special note to your child to encourage them at lunch time! What fun!?!!

Personalized Books


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