Getting Personal for Valentine’s Day – Gift Ideas for Men

 Getting Personal With Personalized Cart

Valentine’s Day is a day of getting personal. Why not add some personalization to your Valentine gifts with PersonalizedCart? PersonalizedCart allows you to find a very personal gift that is personalized. Sounds redundant but they sell gifts that are more than just personalized… they are personal gifts. Here are some great gifts for the man in your life.

Getting personal

Wooden Pocket Knife

This Browning wooden pocket knife had me a little unsure considering the price point. A knife under $18 just seemed too inexpensive. I was shocked when I opened the wooden box it came in. Inside the unique packaging was a beautiful knife. There are not many companies that still package products the way that PersonalizedCart does.

Getting personal

It didn’t stop with the looks. My husband tried it out and it cuts well!! I was able to have his initials engraved, making it even more personal! No worries of my boys trying to claim his pocket knife considering their initials don’t match! 

Getting personal

Custom Yeti Cups

I was not too sure what all the hype was about with Yeti. I know they are a hot item and now I know why. I am so glad I did not just buy one from the store. PersonalizedCart personalizes them to look amazing! I totally need to get the pink Yeti cup for myself. These 30-ounce tumblers stay cold for what seems like forever! 

getting personal

Yeti tumblers can be purchased nearly anywhere. I have been looking at price comparisons and this is a no-brainer in my eyes! The personalization is high quality, so it would be worth an additional price BUT it actually costs LESS than purchasing from other sources!

Outdoor Door Mats

We were in need of a new rug outside. I had seen so many cute ones but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Check out this outdoor doormat from PersonalizedCart. I LOVE the personalization on this! 

Getting personal

Leather Wallet

When your husband opens his wallet at a restaurant to pay for a meal only to have every single card fall out on the floor…. Houston, we have a problem! Yes, that seriously happened to us. It was time for my hubby to get a new wallet. Again, I was a little concerned with how inexpensive this leather wallet was. $26 for a personalized wallet!? Yeah, sounded a little too good to be true but I can attest to the fact that it is a really nice wallet! You can even smell the new leather smell!

Getting personal

Finding a gift for your man is not difficult when you browse!

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