Think Link Keeps Hands Busy and Minds Focused #Review

Think Link – Perfect for Active Hands

Do you struggle with your hands being too busy when your mind needs to be focused? What about your child? Do they struggle in school because they are just TOO BUSY? Check out Think Link! 

Think Link

My son has ALWAYS struggled in school. NOT because he isn’t smart. To be honest, the kid is TOO SMART! Problem is, his body doesn’t  like to slow down when it is important to be still! He tells me all the time that he “can’t” stop fidgeting. 

Since he has been taking his Think Link to school with him, he said it is helping him tremendously. Now in 8th grade and we are JUST now finding SOMEthing that works! I will take it!

My 9-year-old doesn’t really have as much of a problem with sitting still in class. Sometimes he sits TOO still. The problem there is that he can get a little zoned at times because he is too relaxed. 

I gave both my boys a Think Link to take with them to school. My 9 year old told me that his Think Link is addicting and he can pay better attention in school when he is playing with it. 

Think Link

Think Links are great for many reasons

  1. ADHD
  2. ADD
  3. Anxiety Disorders
  4. Autism Spectrum Disorder
  5. Processing Disorders

About Think Link

  • Sold in multiple colors
  • Shipped Worldwide from USA
  • Handmade

Think Link

When someone has a tend to fidget, do not try to make them STOP fidgetting. Instead, redirect them to fidget in a way that is less noticeable. Giving them an object such as Think Link will protect them from many things such as 

  • getting in trouble at school or even work for fidgeting too much
  • harming themselves by finding unhealthy ways to fidget (ex. picking at or biting nails)
  • Frustration of others and themselves

Think Link

Check out Think Link HERE! Let me know what you think!

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