Valentine’s Day Surprise for Kids

Valentine’s Day Surprises For Your Child

I know that Valentine’s is often thought of for a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend situation but don’t forget the little loves in your life… your children! Showing love to your child can be simple but significant. Remember, we are training our children at a very early age to express their love for their future mate. That is a big responsibility as parents! Showing your child by example is the best way to teach. They will be watching how you love YOUR mate, others around you, and even how you love THEM! So, do it well, mama!

Valentine's Day Surprise

Morning Valentine’s Day Surprise

Wake your child up with a song. Sure, you may not have the best voice but they won’t care (as long as you don’t sing around their friends, ha!). It will be a memory they can hold on to. 

Packing Your Child’s Lunch on Valentine’s Day

If you can sneak a visit at lunch to eat with your child, I would highly recommend it. If not, add a special note to their lunch box to let them know you love them. “I See Me” offers a special lunch box with a chalkboard inside which allows you to write special notes to your child each day! Packing a unique meal for your child on Valentine’s Day is a very simple way of saying, “I love you”. 

Valentine's Day Surprise

Surprise at School

Depending on the age of your child, sending flowers (even a very simple bouquet) to your child’s school or balloons can be a special treat. 

Valentine's Day Surprise

Night time surprise for your child

Valentine’s day can be full of little surprises throughout the day… so why not send your child to bed with one last surprise. Before they go to bed, decorate their bed with a new heart-shaped pillow and a special bedtime book. There is nothing better than reminding your child how much they are loved right before bed! A bedtime routine is important in a child’s life but adding in an “extra” in the routine every once in a while can spark an extra boost to their self-esteem! When your child falls asleep happy and feeling loved, they sleep better and wake up refreshed and more pleasant the following morning!

Valentine's Day Surprise

I would not suggest putting a toy or candy as part of the night time gift because that can prevent them from sleep. Using something that would be part of their normal routines such as a heart-shaped pillow, a book, lullaby music, special Valentine-themed pajamas, or a love-themed bedtime story is best.

Valentine's Day Surprise

The heart-shaped pillow from Lorena Canals was our pick for this year’s special Valentine bed decoration. The biggest reason why we love the Lorena Canals pillow is that they are machine washable! This time of the year, especially, knowing that my child’s bedding can ALL be washed is very important to me! Cold and flu season is in its prime so I have to be on top of things as a mom with preventing sicknesses by washing bedding (even pillows) much more frequently.

Valentine's Day Surprise

The pillows are made from 100% cotton on the outside and stuffed with 100% polyester filling. The heart-shaped pillows come in a variety of colors which makes it handy for girls AND boys!

Suprise your little ones this Valentine’s Day! I would love to hear how you plan to show your love to them this Valentine’s Day.

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