How to Obtain a Night of Quality Sleep

Quality Sleep Success

Regular quality sleep is important for daily functioning, health, and learning. According to the WebMD Sleep Guide, babies up to about one-year-old need around 15 hours a day of sleep. By the time they reach 12 years old that can be reduced to around 8 or 9 hours per night.

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Sleep ZZZ Kid’s Pillow Giveaway

My Four and More’s Sleep ZZZ Kid’s Pillow Giveaway

Open to Continental US Only – Ends 11/29

kid's pillow

Sponsored by: Sleep ZZZ Pillow Hosted by: My Four and More

The Sleep ZZZ pillow is a U shaped pillow that “hugs” a child all night long making them feel secure. The covers are machine washable and made from a super soft cuddle fabric!

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Hard Moments While Being a Foster Mom

Difficult Moments of a Foster Mom 

I really do love being a foster mom. Sometimes, I have to convince myself how much I love it but those are typically in the hard moments that I face. Most would say that giving a child back is a hard moment. It is… but the day in and day out moments often are what hurts my heart most. One particular time that always seems to be the most heart wrenching.

foster mom

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Finding Ways to Help Children Sleep All Night

 Tired Moms Find Help Getting Children to Sleep

Written by Jess

How many of you have struggled with a child who struggles with sleep? My first three children did not sleep through the night until they were six months old. I have to admit that I was jealous when my friends would mention that their newborn was sleeping for 6 hour stretches every night. Once they decided to sleep through the night, they were excellent sleepers – often sleeping for 10-12 hours at a stretch and still taking naps. It was awesome!

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Sometimes You Just Need a Hug – Sleep Zzz Pillow

Need a Hug?

Do you ever climb into bed or lay on the couch and just have the deep desire for a hug? Sometimes, people are too busy or it may be late at night so everyone is asleep. A hug isn’t ALWAYS readily available by even those who you know would hug you in a heartbeat if they could. My son and I had a very interesting conversation today.

need a hug

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