It’s a Good Life, Really!

Life is what we make it. For years, I was wishing time away. I love my children but I was also eager for them to grow up and be more independent. Now, they are all pretty independent (still working on some stuff with our 5… almost 6 year old but it’s happening much sooner than I expected). Instead of our lives becoming less hectic… we are seemingly in a constant tailspin. “Our lives are like a runaway!”

good life

Raising kids is tough. My kids may be independent but they sure know how to keep us busy. Between ballgames, hanging out with friends, teen activities at church, homework, school, and just life, we have been going a hundred miles an hour and time seems to be flying past!

good life

In the month of December, we literally had ONE night without something on the calendar. It was a great month but just exhausting. Non-stop.

I was frustrated with life’s craziness. Tired of putting out fires between our kids. They seemed to be arguing over the most ridiculous things. Nothing could just be simple. We always expect more out of our kids, don’t we?! They know what we teach them but don’t always follow our rules or advice we give. I needed time away to regroup and reset.

good life

At the beginning of January, I was accessing our calendar to only find a very similar schedule as December. I made sure to schedule a date night as quickly as our schedule allowed.

good life

We dropped the kids off with my in-laws and headed out for dinner. Shortly after we got in the car, my husband, knowing how overwhelmed I was with our busy schedule, said, “I want you to listen to this song.” He played a song for me called, “It’s a Good Life” by Jason Crabb. I listened to the song… it was the perfect description of my current life. 

I think I have listened to this song about a thousand times since then! When I am overwhelmed with life as a mom, I blast this song to remind myself how great these crazy times really are!


I’ve spent too much time waiting on the next phase. What I need to be doing is focusing on the right now. Be thankful for the crazy moments in life. I’m learning to embrace the few moments when all my children are happy, healthy, and getting along because it’s a good life. Even when it may not seem good… it is.  

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