Gunnar Protects Your Eyes From Digital Eye Strain #Holiday2017

Digital Eye Strain Protection by Gunnar Glasses

As a blogger, I spend a good bit of my day staring at a computer screen. Eye strain is one big contributor to headaches. I can attest to that! We spend time protecting our eyes from the sun but don’t even think about the damage computers and TV’s have on our eyes!

Digital Eye Strain

I limit my children from electronics because it isn’t good for their eyes and minds. They still use them but I am passionate about time limits. I find myself far more concerned with protecting THEM but I don’t even think twice about myself. Isn’t that the way it works?! That is… until I have a terrible headache and know that it came from the eye strain caused by my computer screen.

Digital Eye Strain

Are you protecting your eyes from digital eye strain? Gunnar computer and gaming glasses will protect your eyes from harmful blue light and 100% UV light exposure. Here are two that I have been enjoying using for myself!

The Intercept 24K

For the sophisticated business man or woman…. or someone who just enjoys looking the part, the Intercept 24K is a perfect selection. The gold accents to the hinges and badging with a hand-applied gloss lacquer and polish to a jewel quality luster, add a very professional look. 

Digital Eye Strain

Features of the Intercept 24K

  • Panoramic viewing field with the wide format lenses
  • Rigid lens mounting area keeps optics from degrading through lens flexing
  • Multi-carrel hinges create rotational stability for long lasting fit
  • Curved nose rests give even weight distribution, eliminating pressure points
  • Propriety patented GUNNAR lens material and tint
  • Blue light and 100% UV light blocked
  • Silicone hard coated lens helps prevent scratches
  • Anti-reflecting lenses on front and back of each lens

Vertex Reader

These glasses are perfect for those who do not like the feeling of wearing glasses. They are so incredibly light weight that I do not even feel like they are on my face! The glasses are very contemporary looking.

Digital Eye Strain

Features of the Vertex:
  • Blocks 100% UV light and harmful blue light
  • Uses propriety patented Gunnar lens material and tint
  • Curved nose rest that distributes weight and elimintaes pressure points
  • Pin hinge offers durability
  • Unobstructed panoramic view in high resolution due to wide format lenses
  • Can add reading glasses strength

Protect your eyes… you only have TWO of them!

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13 thoughts on “Gunnar Protects Your Eyes From Digital Eye Strain #Holiday2017

  1. I have been experiencing digital eye strain. I am on the computer way too much, but with a job that involves the computer, it’s hard for me to stay off of it during business hours! I will have to check these out.

  2. I need to talk to my husband about digital eye strain. With his work and never turning the light down, even at night, I can only imagine the damage he is doing. His eyes are bad enough at -5 in both eyes.

  3. I hear you!! As a blogger myself, the eye strain from staring at the computer all day is real. Then I sit down to relax and watch TV. The stain is never ending! Then looking at my phone through the day reading texts and emails. I need to get some Gunnar eye protection glasses!

  4. Wow, this sounds like a very essential and important item. I didn’t know about blue light rays but did know about UV. I have to check these out. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  5. I had a great pair of computer glasses, but sadly my dog ate them, lol. I need a new pair, and these look perfect! I stare at a screen pretty much all day long and it definitely takes a toll on my eyes. I get headaches from too much screen time.

  6. You have just helped me out significantly! My husband needs this more than I do but I know I do too because I’m constantly having to get really close to my screen! This is fantastic! Thank you for telling us about these! I love companies that really pay attention to their product like this. The prices aren’t that bad either. I think every blogger should have these!

  7. Do they make something like this for those of us who wear glasses? Especially bifocals. I know a lot of times I just have to get off of everything for a while. Maybe I will check on these for my son.

  8. I badly need this eye glass. I work in an office that requires you to use computer for long period of time. The only time I got to relax my eys is when I am on break. That’s where I go outside and go for a short walk. Most of the time my eyes are tired from the time I get home.

  9. Yes they do. They do all styles in prescription too. But you want to get a computer distance Rx.

  10. I need to get a pair of these for my dad! He is on the computer a lot for his job and could definitely use something to help protect his eyes.

  11. I have just been hearing about the need to protect one’s eyes when using electronics! These are great.

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