How to Save Your Eyesight While Using the Computer

How to Protect Your Eyes During Screen Time

I have been learning quickly how much you should do everything you can to protect your eyesight. Your eyesight is precious. Sometimes, people like myself, have a profession that results in a lot of computer screen time. SO, how do you protect your eyes when you have to be starring at a screen day in and day out? Let’s take a closer look at that!

screen time

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Gunnar Protects Your Eyes From Digital Eye Strain #Holiday2017

Digital Eye Strain Protection by Gunnar Glasses

As a blogger, I spend a good bit of my day staring at a computer screen. Eye strain is one big contributor to headaches. I can attest to that! We spend time protecting our eyes from the sun but don’t even think about the damage computers and TV’s have on our eyes!

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