Protect Your Child’s Hearing, They Will Thank You Later!

Protecting Your Child’s Hearing

Have you ever been around an elderly person who is hard of hearing and felt bad that they had to ask you three or four times what you said? The generation that is now in their 70’s and 80’s may struggle with being hard of hearing but imagine what it will be like when YOUR child’s generation reaches their 70’s and 80’s. With this generation being a generation exposed to endless electronic devices, think about what all of that is doing to their hearing! Protecting your child’s hearing needs to be a top priority!

child's hearing

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Gunnar Protects Your Eyes From Digital Eye Strain #Holiday2017

Digital Eye Strain Protection by Gunnar Glasses

As a blogger, I spend a good bit of my day staring at a computer screen. Eye strain is one big contributor to headaches. I can attest to that! We spend time protecting our eyes from the sun but don’t even think about the damage computers and TV’s have on our eyes!

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CUJO Smart Internet Firewall Provides Security

CUJO Smart Internet Firewall

Protecting Your Devices AND Your Children

In a world where being connected online is nearly a necessity, there comes a lot of potential threats and risks. Thanks to the CUJO Smart Internet Firewall, the virtual world has become a lot safer!

Internet Firewall

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