How to Save Your Eyesight While Using the Computer

How to Protect Your Eyes During Screen Time

I have been learning quickly how much you should do everything you can to protect your eyesight. Your eyesight is precious. Sometimes, people like myself, have a profession that results in a lot of computer screen time. SO, how do you protect your eyes when you have to be starring at a screen day in and day out? Let’s take a closer look at that!

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What Happens With Too Much Computer Screen Time?

Eye Strain from too much time spent on your computer (or phone) can result in blurred vision, irritation, dry eyes, and fatigue. Eye strain can lead to permanently impaired vision. 

What Can Be Done to Protect Your Eyes While on the Computer?

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About the BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Task Lamp

Not only will you find the BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Task Lamp saves your eyes on the computer but it also is a great way to light up your entire desk space without hogging room on your desk. Simply hang the lamp on your computer. 

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A specially designed clip makes the attachment onto monitors easy and stable. No need for screws or tape that damage monitors. The clip fits any monitor with thickness from 0.4” to 1.2” (1 to 3 cm).

Check out the difference it makes when you have the BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Task Lamp on versus off!

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The Difference Your Eyes Feel

Often, lamps and lights within the room create a glare on your computer screen. Glares can really throw off your perception of what you are looking at and create eye strain. 

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ScreenBar has an asymmetrical optical design that only illuminates the desk and ensures zero reflective glare off the screen.

Having the BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Task Lamp creates more even lighting which helps your eyes to not feel like the light is coming directly into your eyes. The ScreenBar adjusts its brightness level automatically as soon as it is turned on. It can also be adjusted manually if you find that you want it dimmer. 

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How it Powers

The BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Task Lamp is powered simply by plugging it in any USB port. No outlet nearby? Not a problem. You can plug it right into your computer’s USB. 

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Temperature Changes

With the option of eight different color temperatures, you can set it to meet your needs. 

The warm light lets you relax and replenishes your energy. The cool light allows you to concentrate and boosts work efficiency.

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Save your eyes, save space, and make your work environment a little brighter with the BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Task Lamp.

If you are looking to find the BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Task Lamp, check it out HERE!

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18 thoughts on “How to Save Your Eyesight While Using the Computer

  1. So important to protect your eyes from those screens! That light looks like a good gadget to have on hand.

  2. These are great ideas. Eye safety is important. I purchased myself a pair of computer glasses, I just have to remember to wear them.

  3. Thanks for posting this important info we all need to remember and heed

  4. I am on the computer alot. These tips can definitely help. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great ways to protect your eyes. I need one of these lamp. I am on the computer a lot and sometimes my eyes hurt.

  6. One of my pet peeves,,taking care of your eyes!! There are some awesome facts in this blog and I for one appreciate them all!

  7. These tips are great thank you. I spend a lot of time on my computer and my eyes are getting strained. I am going to use some of these tips to help my eyes.

  8. I have a Ben Q screen lamp and I have noticed that my eyes do not get as irritated when I am using the computer. It really does seem to make a difference.

  9. I think not staring at screens for ten hours of the day might help, too, but no such lick there for me yet haha

  10. I use a computer a lot! I need to do more to protect my eyes when I’m on the computer! I love the desk lamp! I really love that its LED.

  11. I do appreciate any advice regarding my eye sight. We are all on computers and tablets quite often now and I do want the special glasses for protection.

  12. I definitely am staring at a computer screen entirely too much. I am going to have to get myself one of those lamps for sure.

  13. (How to Save Your Eyesight While Using the Computer) I really enjoyed reading all about this. I too sometimes spend too much time on my lap-top and my eyes do start hurting after awhile. I have learned to take more breaks from it and that seems to help a lot.

  14. I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. These are great tips. I do need to take more frequent breaks. I didn’t know that there were special glasses that I could get to protect my eyes. I totally need to check this out. Thanks.

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