Organizing Closets With Limited Space #Review

Organizing Closets by Utilizing the Space You Have

Several years ago, we moved from a larger house with a lot of closet space to a home with VERY limited closet space. Not only did we downsize but we added another child into the mix. Organizing closets is a must in our home to make the best use of the space that we have.

organizing closets

Step One in Organizing Closets

First, You HAVE to have some music. Cleaning is boring without cranking some tunes! I set up my Cell Phone Clip Holder in a central location to make sure that my phone didn’t get lost in the mix of all the piles of “stuff”. 

organizing closets

I love how the clip can attach to my phone without having to attach any sticky pad to the back of my phone to attach it. The clamp used can hold any phone with the soft grips being the only thing touching my phone. 

organizing closets

Now that you are ready to take on the challenge… take everything out of the closet. Yes, this part is NO fun but it is necessary. A little peppy music will make this part more enjoyable!

As you take everything out of the closet, place everything into five different categories:

  • Out of place (items that belong in other areas of the home)
  • Trash
  • Donate
  • Return (borrowed items from friends or family that have made their way into the closet)
  • Keep (don’t try organizing any of the keep pile yet)

Going through the items as you clean out the closet will get rid the clutter before you start organizing the closet. 

Step Two in Organizing Closets

Take time to go through each pile and disperse it where it belongs. Removing all the “extras” from the room will make organizing the closet less stressful. 

Step Three in Organizing Closets

Once the room is clear from all the “extras”, start with adding all of the hanging clothing. The Magic Wardrobe Organizer makes it easy to fit more clothing in small spaces! 

Make sure the clothes are hung in the same direction, separated by pants, jackets, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts. Organizing the way the clothing is hung will not only look nice but it will make it easier to find those specific pieces of clothing (as a result, less mess later).

Check out the difference in how much less room these eigth shirts on the Magic Wardrobe Organizer take up than even the SIX shirts beside it! I am definitely going to need to order a few more of these!!

organizing closets

Step Four in Organizing Closets 

Now, add shoes. As you add the shoes back inside the closet, depending on your set up, make sure you consider the season approaching and place shoes you might not wear as often towards the back or on the bottom of shelving/floor space. For example, in the fall and winter months, place sandals in the harder to get to places and put the boots and close-toed shoes in the prime locations.

Step Five in Organizing Closets

I love the Stackable Storage Box. It can be used for all sorts of organizing purposes but for me, I love to use it for extra blankets. They stack on on top of another allowing more belongings to fit without needing additional shelving. 

organizing closets

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organizing closets

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