Children Sleep Better at Night When Feeling Secure

As a foster mom, I have watched as child after child placed in our home have different struggles based on their situation. One common bond I have seen with all the children placed in our home has been a real feeling of insecurity. A rough bedtime and a lack of a full night’s sleep always seem to be one of the biggest signs of a child lacking a feeling of security.

Children Sleep Better

These children have had everything that was “normal” to them turned upside down. Even if their “normal” is abnormal, it is the only thing they know… So it is THEIR normal. Going to sleep in a new room, with perfect strangers tucking them in, different smelling sheets and blankets, and just a completely different atmosphere, in general, they lose their sense of security.

Children sleep better

During the rush of the day, their minds may not have a chance for the fears and reality to truly settle but the night comes and all those thoughts and fears that had laid dormant all day become overwhelming as the quiet of the night settles in.

Bedtime routine, reassurance, and a lot of extra love and patience are what a foster child needs to form a sense of security.

I have found that a soft stuffed animal and a special blanket can make a great deal of a difference. I’m always looking for new tools to put in my “toolbox” (as social services say). I saw these sheets on another blog and had to give them a try. The Kuviez Sheets are like no other!

Children sleep better

About the Kuviez Sheets

Kuviez Sheets are perfect for any child (especially those needing extra security). Moms like myself love them because the sheets don’t come off your child!! The button-up design holds the top sheet securely on the child while the fitted sheet has additional elastic straps that make it nearly impossible for the sheet to come off the bed during the night, even if your child is a wild sleeper like my daughter! 

Children sleep better
  • 100% Cotton
  • 200 thread count
  • Fitted for mattress up to 12 inches deep
  • Adjustable buttonholes for smaller vs larger children
  • Machine Washable
  • Labels help align flat and fitted sheet
Children Sleep Better

My Thoughts

These sheets are made from nice cotton material. With children, you don’t want this material with how often the sheets wind up in the washer. The fact that the top sheet secures on the bed, children sleep better due to the sheets staying perfectly in place even when they roll from side to side. 

Children Sleep Better

The elastic anchors that hold the buttons are very giving to keep a wild sleeper like my child from ripping the button right off the material in the middle of their night’s sleep. 

Children Sleep Better

The elastic straps on the underside of the fitted sheet keep the fitted sheet in the proper place. Unlike most sheets that only have the elastic edge, these sheets have that PLUS the straps that stretch across the mattress.

Helping children sleep better and parents stress over remaking their child’s bed daily, Kuviez Sheets are definitely an AWESOME product!

Children Sleep Better

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3 Replies to “Children Sleep Better When Need for Security is Met”

  1. I love the idea of this and yes when they feel secure and comfortable they are able to sleep so much better.

  2. Brilliant! Great to know about Kuviez Sheets! I know I could have used some for my girl a few years back.

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