Toddlers Helping Bake this Holiday Season

Toddlers Helping Bake While Keeping Safe

Baking with my kids is one of those love-hate types of things. I love teaching them how to cook and bake but it can get messy and dangerous. My daughter can be a tad on the clumsy side mostly because she gets so involved in what she is doing that she doesn’t even notice her surroundings. In the kitchen… that can be extremely dangerous. I know she will eventually grow out of it as she matures, just like my boys did but for now, we have decided to take full advantage of a new product called True Tot Tower by True Growth.

Toddlers Helping Bake

About True Tot Tower

The True Tot Tower is basically an adjustable wooden stool that is gated to secure your toddler when they are needing to be up higher. It replaces having to stand on chairs or plain stools, leaving your child much safer and secure. When they are all done, they just climb out the side. 

Toddlers Helping Bake

The Tot Tower is 23-inches by 21-inches by 36 inches and adjusts to your child’s needs. As your child grows, you can lower the True Tot Tower so they are able to stand at an even height with the counter or sink. 

Toddlers Helping Bake

Don’t have extra room for more toddler gear? It’s ok, the True Tot Tower folds for easy storage. You can leave it out if you have the room or place folded up inside a closet until needed. 

Why We Love True Tot Tower

I love the bonding that my children and I have while baking. There is always more mess but far more fun when you have a side-kick in the kitchen. Now that I have a way for my daughter to help me in the kitchen without the risk of her falling out of the chair or off a kitchen counter, she can help me anytime she chooses. For her, that is quite often. She LOVES being a help to mom… especially when it comes to baking!

Toddlers Helping Bake

True Tot Tower provides a stable, secure place for my daughter to stand. I don’t have to hold her up or worry about juggling the food and catching her if she starts to fall. I am also able to teach her how to wash dishes. SHHHHH… she doesn’t know that it is work… she thinks it is a load of fun. Let’s keep it that way as long as possible!

Toddlers Helping Bake

I get to spend extra quality time with my daughter doing the things we both love (and the things we simply HAVE to do), all while knowing she is safe. True Tot Tower gets an A++ in my books!

Tot Tower Check out our Holiday Product Guide!

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6 thoughts on “Toddlers Helping Bake this Holiday Season

  1. My girl LOVES to help in the kitchen!!! We have big plans for baking this coming winter! We will have to add in some of these ideas, love them!!

  2. This would be such an amazing thing to have! I have three littles under 8 and they all love to help me bake! This is a much safer way for them to help, thanks for sharing!

  3. I enjoy cooking with my grandchildren but I always worry about them falling or getting hurt. This is such an easy way to keep them more secure but let them help.

  4. What a fantastic idea, I love this and love the fact that you don’t have to worry about your child falling back .

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